HRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester visit Porthleven

Porthleven welcomed the HRH Duke and Duchess of Gloucester to came to see for themselves the storm damage and lately the repair work carried out in theaftermath of those violent storms. It was also the chance for the Duke and Duchess to meet those who had played a hand in keeping people safe, and had been part of the clean up post the storms.

The royals were met by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Porthleven who with The Lord Lieutenant, expertly guided them to the various meeting points.

The Duke and Duchess also met many of the community groups, clubs and organisations in Porthleven. They were also entertained by the Porthleven Town Band. The royals also browsed a few of the local shops as part of the visit. It was a real community event in which the both the Duke and Duchess spent a great deal of time chatting to people and stayed longer in Porthleven than was originally planned. All in all, this was good for Porthleven.

The last port of call was a small cream tea reception in the Bickford- Smith Institute. During this reception both the Duke and Duchess spend time talking to the assembled guests. They were also treated to a Cornish cream tea. The was provided by one of the local restaurants Amelie’s – who also provided refreshments during the clean up. It was great to see both the Duke and Duchess chat to all the guests.

You really could not asked for better weather. With a clear blue sky and the harbour twinkling in the sunlight at high water. You really could not set a better scene which showed Porthleven off in all its glory.

Lastly, the Mayor of Porthleven presented the Duke with a town plaque and the Duchess was given flowers from one of the children from Porthleven primary school.

Of course no event is without pictures and here are a few taken from the day.


The Duke and Lord Lieutenant escorted by the Mayor


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor escort the Duke and Duchess through Porthleven



The Duke is introduced to local fishermen and their families


The Duke is introduced to the staff who work for Harbour and Dock


The Duke treated to a Cornish cream tea by Sam, owner of Amilie’s


Porthleven’s Coastguard Search and Rescue Team chat to the Duke


The Duchess meets local fishermen and their families


The Mayor presents the town plaque to the Duke

Advice and funding for those who have suffered flood and storm damage

Now we have had a few days respite from the onslaught of the weather and take stock of the damage it has caused, the question by those affected is there any help from the Government and the Council. The short answer is yes, but as you would imagine, it not straight forward. For my area, Porthleven, I am collating details on the damage and the cost of repair so it can be included in any Council bid – like the Bellwin Scheme.

The Government has set up a helpline to provide comprehensive advice and support to small and medium size enterprises (SME). The helpline offers a free one hour call with a dedicated business support advisor to help businesses get back on their feet. As well as providing free dedicated business advice, information is also available via the helpline on who to contact about pay, tax, employment rights or disputes, company registration or insolvency.

The number for the advice line is : 0300 456 3565

There is also help from the following:

UK Storm Business Relief Fund

Set up by NatWest and RBS Banks with a £250million fund to issue interest free loans to small businesses affected by the storms and floods. Loans are available to any business affected, that do not need to be customers of either bank, and is on a first come first served basis. UK Storms Helpline: 0800 529 8544. Help is also available in your local branch of NatWest or RBS banks from their Relationship Managers. More information is available online at and

Government Business Support Scheme

 The Government has announced a new Business Support Scheme worth up to £10 million. The scheme is in addition to the three-month rate relief and the £5,000 ‘Repair and Renew’ grants. Details of eligibility, criteria and how to apply will be published I am told very soon, maybe this week.

Government ‘Repair and Renew’ grants

There is a new grant scheme to help homes and businesses affected by the winter storms. Individual grants of up to £5,000 are available to help pay for repairs, not covered by insurance, which improve a property’s ability to withstand future flooding. More information and advice on applying for a Repair and Renew grant is available online

Business rate relief

All affected businesses will be able to apply to their local authority for three months business rate relief. Details on the application process and eligibility will be announced by the Government shortly and more information is available on the Government website:

Help for fishermen


The Fishermen’s Mission has launched an urgent appeal to raise funds to help fishermen who have been affected by the storms. More information is available on their website: I am told there is £50,000 available.

Help for farmers

The Government has announced it will make up to £10 million available for a one-off grant scheme designed to support farm businesses. The scheme is to restore flooded agricultural land and bring it back into production as quickly as possible. More information is available on the Government website:

More information about grants to help people and businesses affected by storms and flood damage is available on Cornwall Council’s website:

I will update as I know more.


Fundraising and Donations tops £10,000 for the Porthleven Fishermen’s Association

The almost never-ending storms which have smashed into Porthleven and other parts of Cornwall have taken their toll on communities and infrastructure. The scene in Porthleven of the Baulks that protect the inner-harbour giving way under the pressure of the waves; which then allowed the sea free to run-amok on the once protected boats will not be forgotten in Porthleven. In total 10 boats were sunk, with at least two un-salvageable.

From this tragedy, the community and businesses of Porthleven, businesses of Cornwall and visitors to Porthleven both near and far have acted with fantastic generously. In a short space of time, a staggering £10,000 has been raised for the Porthleven Fishermen’s Association. The total amount raised is still climbing, as more and more people come forward with help. Cheques are being sent from around the country from people, who visit Porthleven; some who have just visited once or twice, and those who visit more frequently. They understand the magic of Porthleven and want to help.

The weekend of the 15th/16th, saw a series of fundraising events. On Saturday The Atlantic Inn held a coffee morning and then in the evening a raffle and auction. Both Leigh and Adrian – the landlady and landlord of the pub – should be highly praised for all the work they have done in organising these events. The amount raised from the coffee morning, raffle and auction – plus some other donations – was a whopping £7251! This is a truly staggering figure.

Praise should go to the many business that donated prized for the raffle and action. These were not just Porthleven business, but business from across Cornwall. I will get a full list and update this post, so each business can be publicly credited for their support.

Other donations have come from Porthleven Surf Club – £300; Porthleven Town Council – £1000; My Cornwall Council Community Fund – £500; The Boat House in Falmouth who raised £750 during a recent charity event; and Skinners Brewery who will be donating 5p for every pint of Porthleven Beer sold in February.

As I said more money is coming in, so the total amount raised will be a lot higher. Especially as more fund-raising events are set to be held. This money will enable the association to replace and repair various items that includes fishing equipment and the ice house machinery.

Get in contact if you would like to help.