An Epic 2018 Porthleven Torchlight Procession

This year’s Torchlight Procession was by far the biggest with 1300 – if not more – people taking part. It was staggering to see just how many people took part.

This event is organised by a small band of people (6) which make up the Porthleven Community Group along with helpers from Porthleven TC, Cober Valley Rotary and a few students from Falmouth University who helped out during the event.

The Procession was wonderfully lead by Porthleven’s Town Band.

A sea of torches make their way pass the Institute

To help fund this event, Porthleven TC and Coastline Housing give grants to keep this a cheap as possible for all who are attending.

On torch selling duties

Just before the off, torches are lit

The Procession coming down Cliff Road


Amazing turnout for the Porthleven Torchlight Procession (2016)

The weather ‘gods’ were extremely kind to the organisers of Porthleven Torchlight Procession by providing perfect conditions. If you did not know, this event is organised by the Porthleven Community Group.

With the weather being so good, we hoped for a good turnout. However, the sheer numbers of people, both residents and visitors, who did turnout was truly amazing. A count of sold torches, which is approaching the 400 mark, the group estimates at least 1200 people attending (we use 3 to 1 ratio of people to sold torches – from experience of selling the torches). Even use our ratio, the following picture really sums up how many people took part. For me helping run this event, I have never seen this many people take part.


The procession coming past the Bickford-Smith Institute.

The event really could not happen without the volunteers of the Porthleven Community Group, residents who help as marshal’s, the Town Warden and Cober Valley Rotary. Thanks should also go to Porthleven Town Band and the Mayor of Porthleven, Cllr Barbara Powell who led the procession around Porthleven.

The Mayor of Porthleven at the ready with her torch

The Mayor of Porthleven at the ready with her torch


Institute Hill


The Porthleven Duck Race is set for Saturday 26th March


The annual Porthleven Duck Race is set to take place on Saturday 26th March at 3pm on the Moors Playing Field (bottom park). This event is organised by Porthleven Community Group.

Like in previous years, the group organise a ‘make your duck’ event. This will take place at the Public Hall on Saturday 19th March starting at 10 am and finishing at 12 noon. There will be free coffee and tea too!

This year the plan is to make the ducks out of recycled materials and papier-mache. So if you can please collect and bring along small cardboard boxes, plastic containers, or anything that is could be used for the ducks would be most welcomed.

Both events are free. The races can be entered both by children and adults! The adults race is highly competitive…


Porthleven Community Group organises another succesful Big Lunch

Well done to Porthleven Community Group for organising another successful Big Lunch on Sunday down on The Moors (bottom park to others). This community event had a really good turn out with people bringing a blanket and a picnic and relaxing in the sun with fellow residents.

The group organised a bouncy castle that was free to use, and there was the obligatory game of rounders where adults and children joined in the fun. Those gathered were also treated to Porthleven’s very own Signing Choir. The event was officially opened by Porthleven’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor – Daniel Williams and Barbara Powell. This just added to the good feeling of the event.

Well done to all who came to the event, and well done to the Porthleven Community Group for organising the event.

The Chairman of the Porthleven Community Group, Rob Johns was able to hand over a cheque for £154 to Mark Adair who is one of the committee for the Porthleven Skate Park project. The money was raised during the Porthleven Duck Race

I was also able to hand over the £500 from an anonymous donation to Mark Adair.

Torch-light is the next event the group is organising for the Bank Holiday weekend in August. Details to follow.

The Porthleven 2014 Torchlight Parade

It was that time of year again when Porthleven held its annual torchlight parade. This parade was once part of the now defunct Gala Week, but was re-introduced by the late Ann Miners over 10 years ago. Now, the parade is organised by the Porthleven Community Group. This years event was to help raise money for the new skate park and Cornwall Hospice.


A few of the members of the Porthleven Community Group selling torches. Left to right – Rob (chairman), Tim, Becci and me

Leading up to the event, the weather was pretty awful. But being hardy souls, the community group decided to go ahead and hope (crossed fingers, pray and do a jig) that there would be a break in the weather for the parade to have dry weather. It worked, as for the parade the weather remained dry.  There was also a slight worry as with 30 mins to go, we still had not sold that many torches, but suddenly out of nowhere people appeared and wanted to buy torches. In the short space of time, the group sold all but 100 or so of the 500 torches.

The parade set of led by the Porthleven Town Band,  the Mayor of Porthleven Daniel Williams and Deputy Mayor Barbara Powell which were followed by hundreds of people. I was just amazed at how many people took part in the parade. For every torch, there was at least two / three people accompanying it. It was fantastic to see not only the residents of Porthleven take part, but holiday makers too. It was a real community event and something Porthleven should be very proud of.

The event would not have been such a success if it was not for the Porthleven Community Group. Huge credit and thanks should be given to the group who again organised this – and other events –  in Porthleven. Thanks should also be given Suzie at Four Crows Gallery for helping with the pre-sales, Porthleven Town Band, the Mayor and Porthleven Town Council for their support, the Harbour Inn and Coastline Housing for their continued support to the group.


The parade as it makes it way along the harbour



Porthleven’s Big Lunch

Porthleven’s Big Lunch took place on Sunday at the Moors. The sun shone and the scene was set; with the Mayor of Porthleven opening the event; followed by the Porthleven signing choir entertaining the crowd.

The event was organised by the Porthleven Community Group whose aim is to bring the community together to have fun. The event was a great success with over 100 adults and children turning up with blankets and food. These light-touch are great as it just allows people to relax and chat to their fellow residents.


A huge thank you must go to the community group who yet again showed what they can do for the benefit of the residents. Anyone interested in joining this group and help organise further events, drop me an email, or contact them via Facebook.

Porthleven Community Group 2nd Duck Race

Saturday 19th April saw the annual Porthleven Duck Race return to the waters of Porthleven. This event now in its second year is organised by the Porthleven Community Group. The previous weekend the Porthleven Community Group also organised and supplied the materials for children (and adults) to make their ducks for the race. All this is done for free, with Coastline Housing, Porthleven Town Council and my councillor community fund supporting this group with small grants.

The event opened by the Mayor of Porthleven who was presented with his own duck for the race. It seems it is now ‘tradition’ for the Mayor to be presented his own duck for the race. Slightly different to last years race, a plastic duck race was also held in aid of the Porthleven Band who have supported the group. The Porthleven Community Group vice-chairman, Tim Pryke was again volunteered to enter the water to set the ducks off.

It was good to see children and adults having fun cheering their ducks as they made their way along the river in Porthleven. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is still something fun watching an object you have made float down a watercourse.

Full credit must go to everyone involved in the Porthleven Community Group. This group grows in strength by organising events with the aim to have fun.


The mayor of Porthleven with his duck


The ducks are getting ready for the off!


Tim gets ready to lauch the ducks


And the ducks are off!


The finish line

The 2013 Porthleven Raft Race

Sunday saw the annual Porthleven Raft Race take place after a two week delay due to poor weather. As ever, the turnout for the race was brilliant with some really creative rafts taking to the water. I was part of the Porthleven Community Group raft and probably like other participants, the first ten minutes afloat was critical as only then will you know if your raft is ‘seaworthy.’ I am pleased to say no raft sunk during the race.

Well done to all who took part in the race and those who helped construct the crafts.

Here is a selection of pictures from the event:


An interesting bunch of gentlemen…



Is this the latest SBS terror squad?




May the Force be with you



The starting line



Massive turnout for Porthleven’s Torchlight Procession.

After a gap of a couple of years, Porthleven’s torchlight procession took place on Bank Holiday Monday. Having been involved with the procession before, I knew it always had a good turnout. However, I never though the turnout would be this big.

When Porthleven Band led the procession up Fore Street and could no longer be seen, Fore Street was still full of people and still more people were joining the procession. It was an amazing sight. I reckon in trying to do a headcount near 600 – if not more – took part in the event. And the community group sold 360 torches.


The success of the event is down to the hard-work of Porthleven’s Community Group. They did not do this on their own because this event was a partnership with Porthleven School PTA and Porthleven Band.

Thanks should also go to Suzie at Four Crows Gallery who sold the candles leading up to the event. Naomi our local youth worker and Bruno one of the local lifeguards who acted as first aiders. And Porthleven’s Town Warden who helped act as marshall during the event.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Ann Minors, who almost singlehandedly re-introduced torchlight many years ago after Gala Week disappeared from the calendar. Her previous hard-work helped make torchlight the success it is.


Since the event, I have had many many fantastic comments from people. Many have said how they could not remember a bigger turnout. How it was great to have the sing-song at the end of the event.

Those involved should be very proud of their achievements in organising and running the event. It just shows what can be achieved when people get together.




Porthleven’s Torchlight Procession is back!

On Bank Holiday (26th) Monday, Porthleven’s torchlight procession will take place after a gap of a couple of years. Previously this event has been one of the highlights in Porthleven’s calendar. And now it is back, I hope will go on to be bigger and better.


This event is back due to the co-operation between Porthleven Community Group and Porthleven School PTA. The original organiser, Ann Minors has also been part of this new partnership. Like previous years, a collection will be made on behalf of Cornwall Hospice. It is great to see various Porthleven organisations working together to achieve something for everyone.

The torches for the event will be sold for £2, and all the money from the sale of the torches will be reinvested for the following years torches. However to start the ball rolling again I agreed to use some of my community grant money to pay for the torches.

The torches will be on sale from Friday 23rd at various location in Porthleven. They will also be sold from 12 midday from the harbour head and at the event.

The event will start at 8pm near the Harbour Inn, and the procession will be led by Porthleven Town Band. The band will lead the procession though a designated route that takes in many of the streets of Porthleven; finally parading down past the institute and finishing at the starting point.

Hopefully I will see you there.

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