Porthleven CIC offers its mini bus for hire

Porthleven CIC has now completed all of the projects it set out to achieve as part of the grant award of £99,950 from the Coastal Community Fund. These projects were: Up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute in partnership with the Porthleven Lights Committee; a new 72 space car park named Withy Field in partnership with Coodes Estate and Porthleven Football Club; a website; Marquee Hire business and the Porthleven Town Trail with smart app. All this was achieved on time and under budget.

As part of the Marquee Hire business, the CIC needed a towing vehicle. Our grant funders allowed the CIC to purchase a nine-seater mini bus with support from the South Kerrier Alliance CIC. This mini bus will not only tow the marquee equipment, but also carry the installation team to the various jobs. However, rather than just the mini bus sitting idle when not being used by the CIC; we want to allow community organisations and groups to have access to a cheap form of transport.sideview1

Porthleven CIC understands community organisations and a multitude of different groups have difficulty with transport, or find hiring a mini bus an expensive option. This is why we as a CIC want to help those groups and organisations. Therefore, Porthleven CIC are pleased to announce the mini bus will be available to hire for a small fee of £50 per two days.  This offer is open to all groups and organisation, not just those in Porthleven.

If you are interested in hiring this vehicle please email enquiries@porthlevencic.co.uk


Porthleven CIC launches ‘The Porthleven Town Trail’

Porthleven Community Interest Company has launched its last project of five, The Porthleven Town Trail.

Mayor Barbara Powell, Mark Berryman, David Turnbull, Andy Wallis and Louise Winterton unveiled the new Town Trail information board Credit ‘Christine Hosey/Helston Packet’

Mayor Barbara Powell, with Porthleven CIC Directors: Mark Berryman, David Turnbull, Andy Wallis
and Louise Winterton unveiled the new Town Trail information board
Credit ‘Christine Hosey/Helston Packet’


In celebrating the launch, the Porthleven CIC released the following press statement and covered also in The Packet

The Porthleven Town Trail takes in thirteen historical buildings centred around Porthleven harbour. Visitors and residents will learn the rich history of these buildings by means of a 20 page colour booklet and a free to download smart app that is available on Apple and Android enabled devices.

Town trail walkers can discover more about Porthleven’s past and people, including the history of the harbour as a working port, the discovery of china clay on nearby Tregnonning Hill and the rumours of smuggler’s tunnels and ghosts at the Ship Inn.

The project has taken near a year to complete with the project being led by Louise Winterton and Andy Wallis.

Louise Winterton said:

“This has been a fascinating project and, being a Porthleven girl, one which is very close to my heart. We really could not have completed the project without the great support of so many people who supplied us with information, pictures and historical documents. In helping put together the trail, I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through old photographs and information about my home, and I hope others get the same pleasure.

The town trail map has been created by Caitlin McLintock, a local girl who has just completed the second year of her illustration degree course at Falmouth University. The beautiful slate plaques have been crafted by stonemason Steven Dyer of J Ching stonemasons of The Gue, Porthleven.

Images for the trail have graciously supplied by Tony Tregowlen, who also helped by supplying the information contained in his books; Rod Stephens, who put together the picture archives which are located at Out of the Blue; Roger Hosking, and Helston Museum.

Thanks must go to the owners of the thirteen buildings who have given permission for their building to be used, including Trevor Osborne, owner of Porthleven Harbour and Dock Company, Mr and Mrs Richards, Rick Stein, Jane and Jude Kereama of Kota, Colin and Helen Wiley and The Mayor and Councillors of Porthleven Town Council

Suzie Inman of Mightier, a copywriting and marketing company based in Porthleven, who wrote the trail said:

“It has been a fascinating exploration of discovery working on the Town Trail and delving into the many stories of Porthleven’s past. The challenge for me was then to craft the information into a form that is interesting and easy to digest for anyone who wants to find out more. I hope people enjoy following the trail as much as I enjoyed writing it and I cannot thank the local historians who have helped me and checked over my work enough.”

Andy Wallis said

“When we started this, I really did not think it would take up so much of my life. However, it has been worth it when you see the finished trail. I will echo Louise’s words and pay tribute to all who made this possible. It has been a real community project.

Now all the projects are finished, we will take stock before we embark on phase two of the trail as well as other projects that we have in the pipeline.”

Embracing technology, further information and pictures will be able to be read by a smart phone app created by Creative Steam of Penryn. Creative Director at Creative Steam Julyan Mills said:

“When we were approached by the Porthleven CIC to develop an application, we were excited about the prospect of creating a content rich app that would really benefit the flourishing community and showcase the history of Porthleven. Not only was it important to make sure that the application would educate both locals and tourists, we needed to ensure that it delivered the content in an engaging manner. This was achieved by streaming the text and images from the Porthleven CIC website directly into the app and then combining this information with the Google Maps geo-location data. We feel that the end result is an interactive experience for everyone in Porthleven.”

The Porthleven Community Interest Company (CIC) was formed in late 2012 to look at how to mitigate the impacts of being a Coastal community. In 2013, the CIC was one of 20 projects nationally to be awarded funding from the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund. The total amount awarded to the CIC was £99,950.


The map artist Caitlin McLintock. Credit ‘Christine Hosey/Helston Packet’

The smart phone app, which is available free on Apple and Android devices via ‘The Porthleven Town Trail.’

Booklets for the trail are available in various shops in Porthleven. Look out for the map signs. Current stockists are: Customs House Gallery, Lindy Lou’s, Harbour and Dock Company, Stargazey, The Brew House and Nauti-but-Ice.

The history behind Porthleven CIC is it was one of 20 projects nationally to be awarded funding from the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund in 2013. The total amount awarded to the CIC was £99,950.

This funding is being used to deliver five key projects, which have now been all delivered,

  • A community marquee hire business;
  • Creating and opening Withy Field car park, bringing an additional 72 parking spaces to Porthleven and putting profits back into the community;
  • Up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute and so showcasing Porthleven’s most iconic building and;
  • The Porthleven CIC website.

The CIC have four directors: David Turnbull, Louise Winterton, Mark Berryman, (town council representative) and Andy Wallis.







Porthleven Community Interest Company launches its new website

PCIC_Logo_STANDARD_RGBThe Directors of Porthleven Community Interest Company are very pleased to announce the official launch of Porthleven CIC website. The website will host the company’s marquee hire business, information about its car park, a what’s on in Porthleven guide and the forthcoming Porthleven Town Trail.

The website address is: www.porthlevencic.co.uk

The aim of the ‘What’s on in Porthleven guide and calendar is to have one location to record and find all events taking place in Porthleven. Anyone can search the guide and it means residents and visitors never have to miss a key date, and local groups and individuals can avoid organising an event at the same time as something else.

I am really pleased with this new website that explains our core purpose, advertises the CIC’s businesses, and allows residents and visitors to find out what is going on in Porthleven. With so much happening in Porthleven, it is easy to miss something.

The Porthleven Community Interest Company (CIC) was formed in late 2012 to look at how to mitigate the impacts of being a Coastal community. In 2013, the CIC was one of 20 projects nationally to be awarded funding from the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund. The total amount awarded to the CIC was £99,950.

This funding is being used to deliver five key projects:

  • launching a community marquee hire business
  • creating and opening Withy Field car park, bringing an additional 72 parking spaces to Porthleven and putting profits back into the community
  • up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute and so showcasing Porthleven’s most iconic building
  • launching the CIC website.

These projects have all been completed and the last project, which is hoped to launch in May 2016, will be the Porthleven Town Trail ‑ working with local historians, writers and photographers to create a tour around Porthleven’s historic harbour. This will be available as a leaflet, an app and on the CIC website. It will enable locals and visitors to discover more about the story of Porthleven, from humble beginnings to the present day.

Porthleven CIC Withy FIeld car park is officially opened by the Deputy Mayor of Porthleven

The Directors of Porthleven CIC are delighted to have completed their third project with the official opening of Withy Field car park, Mill Lane, Porthleven.

The car park was officially opening by the Deputy Mayor of Porthleven, Cllr Barbara Powell, with representatives from Porthleven CIC, Coodes Estate, Porthleven Town Council, Porthleven Football Club, Mitchells Builders and Harbour and Dock Company.

Directors of Porthleven CIC, Deputy Mayor of Porthleven and partners in the project celebrate the opening of the new car park

Directors of Porthleven CIC, Deputy Mayor of Porthleven and partners in the project celebrate the opening of the new car park

Porthleven CIC was awarded £99,750 from the Coastal Community Fund in 2013 to deliver five projects. These are: the community marquee hire business, up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute, Porthleven Town Trail, website and car park. The three projects which have been completed are marquee hire business, up-lighting and car park. The remaining two projects will be completed within the next six months.

This 72 space car park has been achieved through a partnership between Coodes Estate, Porthleven Town Council and Porthleven Football Club. All the profits from the car park and the community marquee hire business will be used to help fund further community projects, therefore giving Porthleven a sustainable form of funding.

The name of the car park was chosen as it is located on one of the areas previous used for growing willow from which the withy material was taken for making crab and lobster pots – a fitting tribute to this traditional craft.

Early construction of the site

Early construction of the site

Work well underway

Work well underway

Porthleven is a popular visitor destination, but suffered with a lack of suitable parking. This new car park, within five minutes of flat and safe walking from the town centre will help address the parking, and allow visitors to experience the charm and character of Porthleven.

The directors would like to thank Mitchell’s Builders of Porthleven for the excellent construction of the site; Chris Strike of RA Design who gave much of his time for free in the planning stage and Simon Stone from Out of the Blue.

The finished car park

The finished car park


The directors have agreed that the car park will be free for the next week for Gig Day and Porthleven Lifeboat Day in celebration of the opening. From next week a charging structure will be introduced with the tariff set at £1.40 for up to two-hours and £3.50 for 24 hours. Furthermore, there is parking for motor-cycles and long vehicles.


Work has started on Porthleven CIC’s car park

This week work finally started on the formation of the new car park for Porthleven. This car park will be big enough for at least 71 cars. The CIC were very pleased to award the contract for the work to Michell’s of Porthleven who along with two other companies bid for the work.

Porthleven due to its popularity has seen a large increase of visitors over the years. Due to the historic design of Porthleven parking is an issue. The only official car park is Cornwall Council car park Kittos Field. This however, gets full quickly, especially in peak periods. This results in people leaving Porthleven because they cannot park, or finding alternative parking, around the harbour or on streets. The directors at the CIC are hoping this new car park will help alleviate this issue.

The car park has been achieved by the award of £99,950 from the Coastal Community Fund. The car park project is not the only project the CIC are carrying out with this money. The other projects are: Community Marquee Hire, town trail, website and up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute. The latter project having been completed.

To attract people to use the car park, the directors of the CIC have set a competitive charging price. This will be £1.40 for up to 2 hours parking, and £3.50 all day.

The profits from the car park will then be used for community projects who can apply for money from the profits. The marquee hire business also runs on the same principle. This will give Porthleven a sustainable form of income for community based projects.

For more details about Porthleven CIC and the projects ‘like our Facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter via @PorthlevenCIC

image image image image

Porthleven CIC completes its first project

Porthleven Community Interest Company was one of 20 projects nationally to be awarded funding from the Government’s Coastal Community Fund. The total amount awarded to the CIC was just short of £100,000. The funding was to be used for a series of projects which included: up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute, a new car park, a town trail, website and marquees for both community and commercial use.

The money raised from the car park and marquee revenue will be then used for further community projects. This means Porthleven will have a sustainable income for community projects. It is also hoped in the long term the CIC will be able to help young people from Porthleven with start-up grants.

A further aim of the CIC projects will help to create jobs in Porthleven both directly and indirectly. Porthleven has a great reputation for food, the natural environment, and culture. This draws visitors locally, nationally and internationally. They are drawn to the uniqueness of Porthleven, its harbour and its beautiful surroundings.

The CIC has five directors: David Turnbull, Louise Winterton, Mark Berryman, Damelza Storbeck and me.

The CIC has now completed one of its planned projects. This is up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute. This iconic building is hidden in the dark and this is a shame. However, this building can be seen in all its glory at night with the CIC funding the up-lighting.

This project was completed in partnership with the Porthleven Light Committee. the Chairman of the Lights Committee said “It has been a long term aim of the lights committee to see the most iconic building in Porthleven up-lighted. It has been a pleasure to work with the CIC to achieve this aim.” I concur with Roger’s words and I am very glad to see this iconic building up-lighted.

As for the other projects, the plan for the car park is to have it open in the first two weeks of April and the marquees will ordered before the end of the year and ready for use early 2015. The other projects will be completed by summer 2015.


Porthleven CIC Marquee Questionnaire

In 2013 Porthleven CIC was successful in obtaining grant funding for a number of new community assets including the up-lighting of the Bickford Smith Institute, a town trail, a community marquee and funds to develop more car parking. The funds and their method of draw down have been confirmed and we are now able to progress these projects.

One of the first projects is to source a community marquee.

Although it was initially envisaged that one large marquee would be preferable, there have been a number of requests for different structures which may be more widely suitable for Porthleven, its traders and community groups. This document is aimed at collecting these views and identifying the most suitable items to source.

It may be that a variety of gazebos, small marquees etc. will be the best and most useful overall solution and, subject to having well documented consultation with the potential user groups, the available funds (approx. £36,000) could be spent on a range of items.

It is envisaged that the equipment purchased would then be hired at a relatively small community charge (to cover costs of handling, putting up etc. and maintenance – Porthleven CIC is a not for profit community interest company) significantly lowering the cost of events etc. and thereby encouraging more community and business activity in Porthleven. The marquees will also be available for commercial hire too. The revenue from the marquee hire, will be used for community based projects.

The following pages and pictures identify possible marquee and gazebos types which could be purchased, and we would like community groups and businesses to review these options and let us know which types of structure would be preferred.

The plan is to purchase one of the classic marquees for larger events, plus a series of the other smaller marquee / gazebos to give the CIC a greater flexibility for hiring. I have added a poll after the pictures in which you can vote for two options.

The options are:





The Poll

[poll id=”6″]

You can also email me your preferences. There will also be a paper-copy delivered to businesses and community groups in the next week or so. If you want this questionnaire electronically, drop me a message / email / tweet

Porthleven CIC welcomes a Government Minister

Porthleven CIC welcomed Penny Mordaunt, Government Minister with the brief for coastal communities. The reason for the visit was to meet the people behind the successful Coastal Community Fund bid in which the CIC was awarded just under £100k for a series of projects.

Two of the main projects are a marquee hire business with 100% of the profits going back into community based projects. The other was the formation of a new car park which Porthleven desperately needs. The other projects include helping to up-light the Institute, a town trail and a website. IMG_3792-0.JPG
During the visit in which the Minister was accompanied by the MP for the area, Andrew George the directors of the CIC took Penny and Andrew to the location of the new car park. This new car park will be able to host 72 vehicles. This new partnership will be between Coodes Estates and the CIC. The football club has also kindly agreed to the use of some of its land. Again, the profits from the CIC’s part (50 / 50 shared) will be used for community based projects.

I and the directors were really pleased with the visit and the Minister commented how impressed she was with the project ideas. She was also impressed with the beauty of Porthleven. Though she didn’t have time for an ice-cream, but we did promise her one the next time she visited.

The CIC is a great team to work with. The team consists of Dave Turnbull, Damelza Storbeck, Mark Berryman, Louise Winterton and me. Credit should also be paid to Charlotte Chadwick a former director.


Second Testing of Up-lighting the Institute

On Friday, the second testing for up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute took place. This time we looked at different colours of lighting at various angles.

Both types of lighting looked good as you can see by the pictures below. However before a final decision is made on which lighting is used we are asking for people’s views. After the final decision is made, it is hoped the lighting to be in place by October.

Here is a selection of pictures:







Up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute in Porthleven

There has been a long-term aim of the Porthleven Lights Committee to up-light the Bickford-Smith Institute in Porthleven. This aim is well on the way to becoming a reality due to the co-operation between the Lights Committee, The Porthleven CIC and of course the Town Council who are custodians of the building.

Last Saturday, Roger and Graham from the Lights Committee and myself and Damelza from the CIC spent a few hours investigating various lighting positions that will give the best lighting effect.

The plan is to do the up-lighting in three phases. The first is the west face of clock tower, the second the side of the tower, and the third the rear of the building. This will result in the desired effect.

The pictures below were taken at various angles, light settings and at different times.

I hope you’ll agree that even at this early stage of getting the lighting angles right, the results are impressive.







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