Planning application for 75 affordable homes at Bulwark Rd

Coastline housing has now submitted its planning application for 75 homes, with off-street parking for land next to Bulwark Road  and Nansloe in Helston. All the homes will be affordable housing.

Out of the 75 affordable housing, the types of housing will be:

  • 14 x one-bed units – which 12 will be for affordable rent and two for shared ownership;
  • 30 x two-bed units (29 houses and one bungalow) -16 of the houses will be affordable rent and 13 shared ownership. The bungalow will be affordable rent;
  • 25 x three-bed houses – 12 will be affordable rent and 13 shared ownership;
  • 6 x four-bed – 4 x affordable rent and 2 x shared ownership.

Using the Council’s information from Homechoice, there are 563 households are know to be in need which is split between 261 with a one-bed need, 185 with a two-bed needs, 90 with a three-bed need and one with a six-bed need.

The site layout is:


1 (2)

Putting aside the need for affordable homes in Helston, key to this application is the highway access to and from the proposed site, especially as the the entrance is close to Nansloe School. The applicants have submitted a detailed travel plan in reference to the site. This can be accessed HERE. As the local member, the access is the most critical part of this application.

As the planning application is now live, it is important people give their views. It is important the views come from both for and against the plan. You can make representation either by filling your comments online, by letter or email to the planning dept. at Cornwall Council. You can also email me with your comments and/or questions to

The planning application number for this plan is PA16/07813. You will need to use this when submitting your comments.

For the detailed planning application details, please click HERE. Make yourself a drink and sit down and read the documentation as there is quite a bit to digest.

This application will go through the democratic process with Helston Town Council discussing this first, where the public also have chance to give comment. It will also be discussed at Cornwall Council and their planning committee before any decision is made. Cornwall Council has to give a decision on this application by the end of November. Unless there are valid reasons for an extension.



School Crossing Patrol on Meneage Road out for Public Consultation.

In a previous blog I said Cornwall Council had agreed to place a school crossing patrol on Meneage Road, Helston. This is one step closer to reality with the formal public consultation now taking place.

The reason for this school crossing is because number of children attending Nansloe school has increased over recent years and a higher number of children are crossing Meneage Road.  High traffic volumes mean that it is sometimes difficult to cross the carriageway.  A patrol will be able to supervise children crossing the carriageway.

As part of the plan, there will be a series of patrol signs and flashing amber lights to warn of the school crossing patrol site. The lights will operate at the beginning and end of the school day.

The consultation documents can be found HERE. In many consultations, people only seem to comment when they have a concern or want to object. However, this time it is important to give a view of support too. Please email you views and quoting Ref 1639 to:

The consultation period starts today and runs till the 13th June. It is hoped that work at the site will be implemented in time for the new school term in September.

Consultation Map

Consultation Ma


Nansloe School will get a school crossing patrol on Meneage Road

Several months ago, I requested to Cornwall Council to see if Meneage Road would qualify for a School Crossing Patrol (SCP). This is due a large number of children attending Nansloe Academy from other parts of Helston.

This road is busy, and therefore, parents choose to drive their children to school rather than walk. So a solution needed to be found to allow children to cross safety and reduce traffic in and around the school.

After various site monitoring visits to see how many people with children cross Meneage Road on the way to and from the school,  I am very pleased to say, a SCP will be put in place on this road.

In simple terms, to qualify for a SCP, there has to be a certain number of children crossing (with or without their parent) at the peak school times.

Before the site is operational a small amount of engineering works will need to be undertaken, and someone will need to be recruited to the position.

I am very pleased there will be a crossing here. It is something I and the school have wanted for some time. Thank you Cornwall Council for finding the money for this.

It does not stop there either. As I am talking to Cornwall Council Highways to look at a more permanent solution of a fixed crossing. This will all depend on the type of crossing allowed on this road, and the funding for it.