Tea Towels

Sorry I have not “blogged” for a few days, lot’s been going on as your about to find out.

Nothing to do with Cornwall Council, but I attended my son’s School Nativity Play. I was pleased to see some school’s have not sold out to Political Correctness and not tired to do a “lets include all faiths with the hope of not offending anyone” type of play. Also, this school allows parents to film and take pictures! Shock, horror, call the Police!

Anyway, my son was a shepherd. You know the one, checked tea towel on his head with a false beard. A classic and I believe one of life’s right of passages. I feel those who have never been a tea towel wearing shepherd have truly missed something. Anyway, a proud moment in any parents life seeing their child act (in a very lose sense).

My point is when you try and not offend people by going out of the way to do so, you normally end up offending, or make a complete hash of what you are trying to do. This school just tried to do a simple play teaching a simple message and I felt got it completely right.

A Meeting Of Two Sorts

Full Council today. The monthly bun fight over at the Ivory Towers. It can be quite an affair, so you never know how it will turn out as each one is different.

Firstly, I had an Independent meeting. Sadly it seems less than a third of the Indies turned up. It started late and went down hill from there. I guess that was due to me. The reason for that was I happened to mention to the others that I was negotiating something (can’t say yet) that would bring a percentage of money from something (I know I am being cryptic, sorry).

One of my fellow Councillors, who shall remain nameless, complained it was not right. Well sorry Mr. other Councillor. If I am willing to go that extra mile to get something for my area (subject to the written agreement) then don’t get all uppity. As you WOULD do it (and I believe they try). The world does not revolve around their (large) area. I, by this stage, had had enough and gave that person both barrels and then walked out.

Maybe I should not have walked out, but nothing winds me up quicker than a cheap clockwork toy then when people take this stance. The people of my area elected me and I work for them, but I do understand the strategic nature of my job. Its a hard balancing act to do both well. No other Councillor is going to tell me that something that will have a benefit in my area is wrong. You can jolly well Foxtrot Oscar, in military terminology, if you think otherwise. That’s all I am going to say on this matter.

As for the other meeting; it was rather tame by its normal standards. There was still the normal blame game going on between the Yellow and Blue Parties. Some people do have very short memories when it comes to who first implemented certain ideas. I guess that goes with the territory, as we all know there is a going to be a General Election within the next 6 months.

One Portfolio Member did not answer a question that well (I’m sure she meant well). I have to say the question was a little loaded; answer yes or no and you could find yourself regretting saying either several months later. I guess that’s politics. I can understand now why MPs when being interviewed don’t like to say yes or no, as they know later they will be hung-out to dry if something happens that contradicts their original answer.

After the meeting I had lunch, did some ringing and admin, then drove home to pick up my son from school. My only other decision of the day is going to be what I am going to have for supper.

Hospital Fetes, Tombolas and Lucky Dips.

Saturday was a big day for me. My first official opening of an event since getting elected to Cornwall Council. The event was the Helston Community Hospital Fete. This is where the staff of the hospital raise money for patient items; things to help people who have the misfortune of being admitted, make their stay a little bit more comfortable. Really the Government (all are to blame) should provide adequate money for this, but they don’t.

The staff give their own time to do this. Over the last few years £10,000 has been raised. Saturday’s event raised nearly £1,500. All from the sale of brick-a-brac, tombolas, lucky dips, teas and cakes. Without hard working and dedicated staff who go that extra mile, there would be no extra money.

If you are visiting, or are in hospital and feel like moaning about the state of the NHS, don’t, just pause for a minute and think. It’s the staff who give up their off-duty days to raise money for the benefit of us all. It’s certainly made me willing to wait that extra time to see a nurse or doctor.

Doing It Live

I did a radio interview with a very popular BBC current affairs in Cornwall. The presenter has a reputation for being direct and to the point. I received a call this morning asking if I would speak and answer questions about the decisions that the Parking Panel has made.

Again, I stepped up to the plate. If you make a decision you should stand up and defend that point. I find it difficult to understand when someone who has made a choice that will affect many people will not be open to public scrutiny or answer difficult questions.

I hope I batted well. The presenter did bowl all different types, but I don’t think he took my wicket. The crowd (not hearing it, but told) were a mixed bunch, some support, some along the lines of “who in the hell is this?” and those who might not agree, but kind of understood the method.

Call me nuts, but I even gave my own number out (presenter said could he). I said if someone wants to talk to me about the issues, then ring me and I will listen. It’s of fundamental importance that if you are in a position that affects many, then you should be accessible.

The Way To Finish A Day

Last meeting of the day was at a Resident Association Committee. A really nice bunch of people who try and do the best for their area, with probably little thanks or understanding for all the hard work they do.

I was there to give them some good news. I have managed to get all their railing painted. I have done this by using the Community Payback Scheme and a local business has given the paint for almost cost. The residents pay for the paint, I pay for the labour, and a business is helping the local community. Win, Win, Win!

How did the meeting end? Well, with bubbly and cake! I wish I could say it was laid on for me, but no, it was for a couple who are part of the Committee who were celebrating being married for 50 years!

Being thanked for sorting out the railing with cake and bubbly is one of the best ways to finish off a very long and tiring day.

A Nice Thought

I was sent a link today from someone on Facebook. Not sure what to expect, I clicked on it anyway (risky sometimes in todays age).

After what seemed like an age to start (speeds up if you place your mouse over the counter) I felt very humbled from what I saw. I would like to say thank you for the time and effort it must have taken to do that. It sure brought a smile to my face. Even my son commented with, I quote, “cool”

Thank you

Here is the link:


It happened!

Well today was basically an admin day to catch up and answer all those e-mails I had not addressed on Friday due to the spectacle of me in a Tutu!

Apart from the e-mails from Africa and ‘I have won the Lottery’ type I was pleased to see a Thank you letter. Nothing sets up the week like receiving a e-mail like that. It means more, due to the fact the person in question is not of the generation that really likes computers. I wish all weeks would start off like this.

From tomorrow, it’s back over to the Ivory Towers to deal with Planning Procedures!

Cornwall Council’s Got Talent

It’s Children in Need today. The Council decided to hold Cornwall Council’s Got Talent competition during the lunch period.

The Council Chambers was full to the brim, 8 acts were scheduled to appear from different depts within Cornwall Council. I had agreed to take part in a ‘comedy act’ with members of Democratic Services (DS). The act was along the lines of dancing and the Stavros act that was on Britain’s Got Talent.

3 other Councillors decided to help out as well, Scott Mann, Jeremy Rowe and Andrew Long. We decided to call ourselves the ‘ Cross Party Dressers” (as were are all from different Political Parties). We dressed in bright Pink and Yellow Tutu’s with tops (female) that were to say a little tight, not to mention some very fetching wigs and make up!

We were to come on in the last minutes of the act after those from DS did their part (the professional part I might add). We did indeed come in and hammed it up as best we could, some more natural than others. To be honest, we made complete fools of ourselves (and loved every minute). The crowd I might add laughed, and gave us a huge round of applause which we of course lapped up!

The point in today’s blog is when moral might be a little low, nothing like a good old laugh at those Politicians can bring a smile to peoples faces and hopefully they will think “they are human after all”

More importantly, a worthy cause get that little bit of extra cash it needs!

Here are some good looking beauties

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