A New Leader for the Liberal Democrats at Cornwall Council

They say a week is a long time in politics, and this week has sure been interesting. First with the leadership challenge to Alec Robertson by Fiona Ferguson (24-18). Which has opened up further questions of the direction of Cornwall Council if near half of the ruling group do no support their leader.
Now on today’s Martin Baillie’s Radio Cornwall show we hear that the veteran politician Mrs Doris Ansari OBE has decided to step down as Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group at Cornwall Council. Mrs Ansari has been in local politics since the early 70’s and no matter what you think of her political leanings, being re-elected so often shows she is doing something right. I may not agree with some of her policies, but I certainly respect her views and advice. 
This really makes the next few weeks very interesting, as not only is the Tory rebellion still burning away, but the LD will be selecting a new leader and deputy. The current deputy is Jeremy Rowe, who will be the front runner to succeed Mrs Ansari. Also in the wings for deputy and/or leader are Edwina Hannaford and Alex Folkes.
If Jeremy does win will he make noises to the Independent Group or the 18 Tory rebels to see if a deal could be made to change the direction of the Council? After all, if 18 Tories are willing to challenge their leader, this can’t mean they support all of his policies.

With Cornwall Council’s AGM on 17th May I can expect much horse-trading between various factions, groups and Councillors. Who knows, we may see a new administration at Cornwall Council in the coming months?