Five Cornwall Councillors raise £2612 for Kernow Young Carers

Five Cornwall Councillors, The Chairman of Cornwall Council, Ann Kerridge, Jim McKenna, Sally Hawken, Pat Rogerson and myself stepped forward to help raise money for a very worthwhile cause that is Kernow Young Carers. We did this by being ‘arrested’ and sent to jail. Once in jail, we all had to raise at least £250 to be released.


The five Councillors on their arrest

The second part to the fun-raiser was Jim and myself being put in stocks, and for at least a £1 donation people got to throw wet sponges at us.

Amazingly, due to people’s generously, the total raised just on each of our Just Giving pages was a whopping £2,148.25. Wow! Added to this, there was a number of cash donations who added a further £276.49 to the total. And then finally, £188 was raised via the stocks event.

Adding it all together, the five of us raised £2612.74 (and counting). This is fantastic as the initial target was £1250.

A huge thanks goes to everyone who donated and to those who helped make this event possible.


Jim and I sharing the stocks

Jim and I sharing the stocks

I was dared to eat a few of these for a donation...

I was dared to eat a few of these for a donation…

And yes I did eat a few……

Help! Release me from Jail; or better still throw a wet sponge at me to raise money for Kernow Young Carers

As I said in a previous blog, I am helping to raise money for the very worthwhile organisation that is Kernow Young Carers. The will be two elements to this fund-raiser. The first, I am being taken to jail today, Friday from 12 noon, after being ‘arrested’ by the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

After my release (or people paying more money to keep me in – which is a distinct possibility) from jail, I along with my Cabinet colleague Jim McKenna will be put in stocks. We will be then subjected to an onslaught of wet sponges being thrown at us. For at least £1 you get three sponges to be thrown at me or Jim. I am told there is already a queue forming to partake. This event will start at 2pm and is set to last 1 hour…..

If you can, please, please donate what every you can to Kernow Young Carers. You can do so either giving cash tomorrow at County Hall or by my just giving page via HERE


Release me from jail to help raise money for Kernow Young Carers

Please help by giving a little bit of cash to release me from jail.  Alternatively, pay money to keep me in jail – this might raise more money… Yes, I know it is a strange request, but this is in aid of a good cause. The cause is for Kernow Young Carers.

The punishment of being jailed is not because I have done anything wrong, however, it is in the hope that friends and colleagues will donate money and help to raise money to support young carers in Cornwall.

I will not be the only one to be arrested in aid of this great cause, as the Chairman of Cornwall Council, Ann Kerridge; Jim McKenna, the Cabinet Member for Adult Care; Pat Rogerson, Chairman of the Young People Policy Advisory Committee and Sally Hawken, Vice Chairman Young People Policy Advisory Committee will all be captured by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service and to ‘go directly to jail’ at County Hall on Friday 18 November.

All the captured Councillors will have access to a mobile phone and e-mail during their time in jail which they will be able to use to contact people to help raise money in aid of Kernow Young Carers, the Chairman’s official charity this year.

Kernow Young Carers, an Action for Children project, is committed to working with children and young people to make the caring role a more positive experience by offering support, information and guidance, activities and trips, short breaks, school groups, training and educational sessions and local young carers forums.  Every penny raised by the Councillors during this year’s Jail Break event will go towards a fund which directly supports young carers in Cornwall.

Anyone interested in supporting this worthy cause, can donate money to release the five Councillors (or if they wish – to keep them locked up for the duration of their sentence) via their individual Just Giving pages which have been set up for the challenge:

Andrew Wallis:

Ann Kerridge:

Jim McKenna:

Pat Rogerson:

Sally Hawken: