Porthleven and Helston to get major road resurfacing in the next few months

You will be pleased to know, Porthleven and Helston is set to have major road surfacing, patching and surface dressing works starting this month and should be completed in a few months. Porthleven is not the only area (whole Duchy) which is receiving this work. Hence, why it is taking a few month to complete.

This will result in some roads being closed, or restricted us. I hope you understand why.

The roads in questions will be:

  • Penponds Road Porthleven Porthleven  – full length of road will be affected;
  • Mill Close Porthleven Porthleven – full length of road will be affected;
  • Loe  BarRoad Porthleven Porthleven – from The Car Park next to Dolphin Cottage, to outside Sea Pinks;
  • Road From Torleven Road To Squires Lane Porthleven – full length of road will be affected;
  • Penrose Hill Porthleven –  Porthleven/Helston – full length of road will be affected;
  • B3304 Between Porthleven Road And Penrose Hill Penrose Porthleven/ Helston – full length of road will be affected;
  • Porthleven Road Helston Porthleven/Helston – full length of road will be affected

In Helston roads that will be affected are:

  • Godolphin Road Helston Helston From The Junction With Clodgey Lane to its junction with Shute Hill
  • Wendron Street Helston Helston – full length of road will be affected
  • Penzance Road Helston Helston From Outside Kingdom Hall to the Junction with Porthleven Road
  • St Johns Road Helston Helston Affected Road: At the junction with Penzance Road
  • Penview Crescent Helston Helston full length of road will be affected




A394 near Newham Farm, Helston is to be closed for one night

In the last few months there has been concerns expressed about the length of time it has taken and the traffic congestion due to the road repairs on the A394 near Newham Farm, Helston. In a previous blog post I explained the sheer scale of the works required to repair this carriageway.

With the summer holiday season approaching and a massive increase of traffic on the roads Cornwall Council, Cormac and the local Cornwall councillors want to avoid large-scale congestion due to only one lane open on the A394. To avoid this, work will be undertaken to open both lanes on the 5/6th July.

The work require will result in this road being closed for a short period between 5th July at 7pm to 6th July 7am hours. This has to be done to allow certain safety features to be installed to allow both lanes to be open.

So from 7am on the 6th July, both lanes of the A394, near Newham Farm will be open.

Meeting Cormac about the A 394 roadworks near Newham Farm, Helston

On Wednesday, I along with my fellow Cornwall Councillors for Helston, Judith Haycock and Phil Martin, and the Cornwall Councillor for Breage, John Keeling met with senior officers from Cormac to discuss the repair work along the road near Newham Farm.

From the pictures below you can see the scale of the work required to repair this stretch of road. It is hard to understand the scale from the roadside, but being on site, you really get a perspective of how massive the project is.


Looking right to left, the scale of the work


Looking left to right, the other part of the scheme


The cost of the repair will be in the region of £450,000 and includes the use of over 4,000 tonnes of stone (Six C stone for those technical) that will form a 1 in 2 bank supporting the road and wall.

All the Councillors raised the issue of the impact this repair is having on the traffic and how this needs to be sorted before the main holiday season when this area sees a massive increase of traffic.

The senior officers from Cormac fully understood this, and assured the Councillors they are going as quickly as they can. They also have come up to with a solution that will remove the traffic lights.

The plan is – subject to final approval – to close this road (A 394) on the night of Sunday 6th July to allow essential work to be carried out including installing barriers. Once this is completed, the traffic lights will be removed resulting in both carriageways being able to be used, abet with a reduced speed limit to 30 mph.

Of course the area will be monitored to make sure the carriageway is still safe and there is no additional damage from this plan. The reason this can be done is the strengthening work in the most critical areas would have been completed.

I have also asked during the A394’s closure for parking on Fore Street in Porthleven to be temporary suspended due to the increased traffic.


temporay supports, buffering up the wall.


Councillors and senior Cormac officers meeting on site

I am grateful to Cormac for meeting us on the site, this has allowed us to understand the scale of the work.

Sithney Common Hill Roadwork’s – New Update

I have just been informed that Cornwall Council and CORMAC are aiming to temporarily reopen both lanes of the A394 at Sithney Common Hill in time for Flora Day on Friday 8 May. Following agreement with the landowner, CORMAC crews will carry out temporary stabilisation works on the eastbound lane from Monday 20 April.

A lane closure was put in place after a section of retaining wall supporting the road collapsed making it unsafe to carry traffic in both directions. While the works taking place next week aim to reopen the road on a temporary basis, CORMAC will have to re-establish the lane closure should unexpected deterioration of the road occur.

Work will start on the permanent repairs in earnest from Monday 11 May, during which time the eastbound lane will be closed once again. We apologise for the inconvenience caused, but every effort will be made to fully reopen the road as soon as possible.

I am grateful to all concerned who understood the issue have acted to try to alleviate the problem. Previous blog on this subject HERE

Temporary Traffic Lights, Newham Farm, Sithney Common Hill – Update

Anyone who has travelled on the Helston to Penzance road would have seen the temporary lights just down from Sithney Common Hill, near Newham Farm. I have been asked – even though it is not within my Division – what is going on and I blogged about it previously: Sithney Common Hill Temporary Lights. However, with the Easter Holidays upon us, there are considerable traffic delays due to the lights. Furthermore, Flora Day is fast approaching and this road is well used, especially as the Porthleven Road is closed.

With this in mind, I have asked for an update on when the work will start and if at all possible, to see if the lights could be removed for Flora Day. Sadly, this cannot happen, as explained in the following email:

“The lane closure along the A394 at Sithney Common Hill was established as a result of a collapse of the section of highway retaining wall. Further cracking of the carriageway exists from the collapsed area down the hill to Newham Lane. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the road is unsupported, the traffic management cannot be removed until the wall has been strengthened.

Since the collapse CORMAC have carried out site investigation and designed the strengthening solution, which involves the construction of an embankment in front of the existing wall. Unfortunately we are unable to rebuild the wall along the existing line as the ground behind would need to be battered back to construct a new wall which would encroach into the opposite carriageway which would require the road to be closed, which is obviously not an option. Additionally there are fibre optic cables immediately behind the wall.

We are currently awaiting the outcome of negotiations between Cornwall Council and the landowner of the farm fields below the wall, to purchase and gain temporary easement of land to construct the proposed embankment. It is hoped that negotiations will be finalised soon enabling construction to commence by the end of April. The works will take approximately 4 months to complete and the traffic management will remain in place for the duration of the works.”

It is not good news, but at least you have an update on the situation.

One lane is closed on the A394 due to collapsed road near Newham Farm, Helston

On the 19th January 2015 the wall supporting the A394 Helston to Penzance road above Newham Farm collapsed. As a result, an emergency lane closure has been established to the eastbound lane of the A394 to protect the travelling public.

The lane is likely to remain closed at this location for several months whilst CORMAC Solutions Ltd carry out further investigations followed by the implementation of an appropriate remedial solution on behalf of Cornwall Council. I am hopeful the road will be open as soon as possible, but the engineers need to access the area fully as there maybe unknown issues that have yet to be uncovered.

As soon as I have more details, I will let you know.

Newham two

Landslide on the Porthleven Road

The Porthleven Road has had some significant work carried out to it in the last few months. The bridge leading to Penrose corner needed urgent repair and this part of the road needed to be closed for over 12 weeks. This huge undertaking was completed within a few days of the original completion date – so again, well done. However, there has been a small but significant landslip on the part leading down in to Helston near the boating lake.

Engineers have again investigated the site and have advised not to remove any of the landslip until a full repair is carried out making sure the bank is stable. The engineers have said now the area has been re-assessed the cones and current signage can be removed, but a danger ‘rock fall warning’ will be erected to warn road users of the potential for a landslide. The area will also be inspected at least twice a week to make sure the issue has not escalated. The work will be programmed in as soon as possible.

Falling Rock

Porthleven Road (B3304) Update

There have been several rumours going around Porthleven that the Penrose N & S Retaining Wall scheme is currently way behind schedule.

This is not the case, as today I asked for an update (as I did two weeks ago) and have received an email by the Senior Engineer and the Supervision Team Leader for this scheme. They have informed me that despite some complications with the piling operations the scheme is still running to time and the road should be reopened before the Easter bank holiday weekend as originally agreed.

Lets not underestimate the scale of the work being carried out. For instance, 120 piles have been inserted, each able to 56t of weight. It is a credit to the Cormac team(s) involved in this work that it is still on schedule despite many of the Cormac teams being involved in the flood/storm damage and recovery.

Charges to be implemented for traffic management at community events

Today, I received an email informing me of changes to traffic management support to community events. There is no easy way to say this, but from the 1st January 2014, there will be changes to how community events are charged for certain aspects of traffic management. Up to now, the services Cornwall Council has provided supporting traffic management have been free (events pre 1st Jan will not be charged).

road closure1

The cost of providing this service amounts to £175,000 per year. This includes pre-application advice, assessing and approving traffic management plans, processing temporary traffic regulation orders, providing signs, barriers and no-waiting cones.  Unfortunately now, the cost of providing this support for free is difficult due to the huge budget pressures the Council is dealing with now, and for the next few years.

Earlier this year a public consultation took place with many event organisers telling the Council that such charges would affect the quality and sustainability of their events. I know the Council has understood these concerns and have made efforts to keep the charges as low as possible. Even saying this I no doubt recognise there will be a negative effect, but  hope that event organisers will be able to find resources to cover these new charges.

  For example a couple of the changes are as follows

  • Small community events (those with less than 5,000 people attending) the charge will be £40 when requesting a road closure and £90 for large events (over 5,000 people attending). Local community street parties and Remembrance Day events will not be subject to charge. Fees for considering commercially promoted events will be at cost. 
  • The Council will continue to provide no-waiting cones when required and identified as part of an agreed traffic management plan. A charge will be made for this service which is £30 for small events and £70 for large events. Provision of signage and other traffic management equipment Signs, cones and barriers will no longer be provided by the Council. If this equipment is requested from the Council, it can be provided by Cormac but the full cost will be charged.

More details on the charging policy can be found HERE.

Not all community events will be charged. As a formal road closures may not be required for this sort of event if they are:

  • non-static
  • often short in duration, and
  • are managed safely with appropriate marshalling.

I know this will not be welcomed news, and if things were different financially, I would be saying hang on a minute. However, things are getting tough, services are stopping and/or  being reduced. With the next few years will be very tough. The Council may end up with only providing statutory services due to these budget pressures and reductions in funding.

I wish it was different, but I am having to make some difficult decisions like this in my own portfolio for which I have responsibility for. However, unless there is a change of course in how Council’s are funded from Government, things like this will happen.

Date for Porthleven Road (B3304) Closure Confirmed

Today, I can confirm the date for the closure of the Porthleven Road (B3304). This closure will start on the 6th January 2014 and finish – if not sooner, but hopefully not later – on the 4th April 2014. It will be closed for all vehicles, bikes and pedestrians.

The closure of the road is essential as this is the only way the work can be carried out. I can also confirm that apart from the area near Penrose Corner – marked on the map in black – the remaining parts of the road will remain open.

If I have any further information I will let you know.


The road closure area

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