My Councillors Community Grant Fund

Each Cornwall Councillor has £2195 to spend each year on community projects/groups. It is not a huge amount of money, but it can, and does make a difference to those who receive it. Unlike many other forms of grant application this process is rather simple, and a group/organisation only has to fill in an easy to fill in form.

The way I tend to administer this fund is to give smaller grants instead of a few large ones. I feel this is the best way to help more people with the limited money available. One of the only stipulations I have in applying is a group or organisation has to have a connection to the area I represent. I know there are many great national and county-wide projects that need funding, but I believe the money should be spent locally to the benefit of the community.

So far, grants have been awarded to the following groups/organisations.

  • Citizenship for Life program – photo-frames for the young people’s certificates: Cost £119.88
  • Porthleven Residents Association – Start-up costs: £200
  • Friends and Residents of Bulwark Group (resident Association) – Running costs: £250
  • Helston’s Gorsedh Kernow 2011 – Toilet Hire: Costs £180
  • Helston Skate Day – Event costs: £200
  • International Schools Theatre Assoc ISTA Porthleven Festival – Sponsorship for two Porthleven primary children to attend: Costs £150
  • National Coastwatch Institution – New sign for tide times and weather information: Costs £200
  • Porthleven Food and Music Festival – Event costs, equipment hire: Costs £300
  • Porthleven Judo Kwai – New suits for children: Costs £250.76
  • Porthleven WI – Jam and Jerusalem – Jam making machine, jam jars and lids etc: Costs £250
  • Porthleven/Guisseny Twinning Association – Running costs: £250
  • Helston Youth Cafe – Event/running costs: £150

As you can see, a lot of organisations/groups have had small but important grants. I still have a little money left, so if you would like to apply drop me an email/phone call and I will send you the forms. If there is not enough to go around this financial year, I will get another £2195 from the 1st April 2012.

Helston and Gorsedh

On Saturday I had the real honour of being part of the procession of the Bards down to Penrose amenity area, and more importantly, being in the inner circle for the Gorsedh ceremony. Before the procession and ceremony I watched the Cornish Wrestling. I enjoyed this too, as it showed this traditional sport was still alive in Cornwall.

This was the first time that the Gorsedh had been held in Helston, and sadly it will be a long time until it will comes back again. I have to say the organising committee of a handful of Helstoners really can be proud of doing such a fantastic job. It is a shame about the weather, but this did not deter from the day being so special.

I reckon there was around 300 Bards in the procession and it was good to see many familiar faces from Porthleven and Helston who have been made Bards. There was also Bards from distant shores including Australia, America, Breton and Wales.

I would love for the Gorsedh to come to Porthleven as like Helston it could really do this ceremony proud. I can honestly say taking part was one of the real highlights in my role as a Cornwall Councillor for Porthleven and Helston South.

 People being made Bards

Me and the 3 of the organising committee 

Thanks to Emma and Helston People Website for the use of pictures. More of ceremony can be found by clicking the link.