Porthleven Town Council responds to Trevor Osborne over the Bickford-Smith Institute

Porthleven Town Council has in a robust and fit and proper way responded to an open letter from Trevor Osborne, owner of the Harbour and Dock Company in Porthleven. The two letters are over the formation of a ‘Friends of the Bickford-Smith Institute’ organisation, and the name for collecting any funds for the preservation and use future of the building.


The original letter from Mr. Osborne

The response from the Mayor on behalf of Porthleven Town Council

The response from the Mayor on behalf of Porthleven Town Council

Posted on the official Friends of the Bickford-Smith Institute Facebook page, the working group which is made up of town councillors and residents has issued a briefing documentation to bring people up to speed on what has happen so far. The group have always been clear that the process of looking in to its future use will not be done quickly, as it is very important that the people of Porthleven are consulted, and are happy with its future use. The future use has also have to financially sound, especially over any grant funding that will hopefully be awarded.

imageimageimageThe working group has spent a lot of time gathering information and are still working on various ideas. No idea has been ruled in, or out. The pictures below will give some idea of a possible future use of the building.

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So there you have it, the story so far. The progress of the working group will also be discussed at the September meeting of the town council which will take place on the 8th at 7pm.