Cornwall Council – Children in Need Event

Cornwall Council is a firm supporter of Children in Need. It annually holds a ‘Council’s Got Talent’ competition, Many will argue that the word talent is being stretched to breaking point. Anyway this even is held during the lunch period as not to impede with work. This year more people entered, and from watching it, more of the ‘having a laugh’ entries entered. Again, as last year, a couple of hundred of pounds was raised for this great cause.

Last year I was part of the fantastic act called the Cross-party Dressers. We decided to reform in the guise of the Spice Girls. Of course you could not tell the difference between the real group and us. if all else fails in politics I am sure we will have firm bookings as a look-a-like act. Below are pictures that may require a little warning to those of a sensitive nature.

The ‘Spice Girls’
Left to right: Cllrs Andrew Long (sporty), Scott Mann (posh), Jeremy Rowe (ginger), Steve Double (baby) and Andrew Wallis (scary)
Of Course we were ‘robbed’ of the win, but the winner really did have talent singing and playing a guitar. 

They don’t make them like this any more

I took my son to the RNAS Culdrose Air-day today. For me its a sort of rite of passage as my Father took me to air shows and now, I am taking my son. There is something about being a boy and seeing loads of aircraft flying around. I still get a tingle up my spine when I hear the roar of a merlin engine from a Spitfire and see it glide though the air. (this engine was also used in the Hurricane, Lancaster and the Mustang)

For me the highlight of the day was seeing the Avro Vulcan Bomber. I remember this aircraft from my childhood. Not just as a display aircraft, but in operational RAF squadrons. Seeing one flying around is impressive, but seeing a couple in formation is just mind blowing.

All in all it was a great day. The weather held out. We used the Park and Ride service that was put on and found it quick, easy and without hassle.

Below, are three more pictures of this great piece of British engineering that I took today. Here also is the link to more information on this Aircraft

A Nice Thought

I was sent a link today from someone on Facebook. Not sure what to expect, I clicked on it anyway (risky sometimes in todays age).

After what seemed like an age to start (speeds up if you place your mouse over the counter) I felt very humbled from what I saw. I would like to say thank you for the time and effort it must have taken to do that. It sure brought a smile to my face. Even my son commented with, I quote, “cool”

Thank you

Here is the link:

Cornwall Council’s Got Talent

It’s Children in Need today. The Council decided to hold Cornwall Council’s Got Talent competition during the lunch period.

The Council Chambers was full to the brim, 8 acts were scheduled to appear from different depts within Cornwall Council. I had agreed to take part in a ‘comedy act’ with members of Democratic Services (DS). The act was along the lines of dancing and the Stavros act that was on Britain’s Got Talent.

3 other Councillors decided to help out as well, Scott Mann, Jeremy Rowe and Andrew Long. We decided to call ourselves the ‘ Cross Party Dressers” (as were are all from different Political Parties). We dressed in bright Pink and Yellow Tutu’s with tops (female) that were to say a little tight, not to mention some very fetching wigs and make up!

We were to come on in the last minutes of the act after those from DS did their part (the professional part I might add). We did indeed come in and hammed it up as best we could, some more natural than others. To be honest, we made complete fools of ourselves (and loved every minute). The crowd I might add laughed, and gave us a huge round of applause which we of course lapped up!

The point in today’s blog is when moral might be a little low, nothing like a good old laugh at those Politicians can bring a smile to peoples faces and hopefully they will think “they are human after all”

More importantly, a worthy cause get that little bit of extra cash it needs!

Here are some good looking beauties