Loe Bar footpath – update

The official footpath that connects Porthleven and Loe Bar suffered a major collapse recently which resulted in the footpath being closed. Since this collapse there has been a lot of planning of what to do next. It is also not the first-time a collapse has happened as large scale erosion was part of the reason why the new footpaths at Highborrow were constructed.

In speaking to the National Trust and the trust updating the town council, it is clear this area of the footpath will not be repaired. As any repair to this area would be futile due to this area being prone to large-scale erosion. Any repair could disappear the following day.

The plan is for the footpath to be re-routed. Work is underway to establish the best route for this new footpath. At this stage, it is looking like the footpath will come behind Bar Lodge. This will give the footpath the best chance of longevity. The new route hasn’t been confirmed as there is a lot of work to be undertaken prior to a new route being established.

There will be some changes to the status of the footpath. Currently, the ‘old’ footpath is a bridleway. The plans for this new access is for it to be a footpath only. Fear not horse and bike riders, as the other parts of the connecting footpaths are bridleways and you will still be able to access the area. Just not on this new stretch.

As these fields are in use for cattle, the farmer will be involved. Speaking to the farmer he asks people not to just wander around any field as they see fit. Which is happening. I know you might think I will just take this shortcut, but you will be surprised how quick a heifer can move.

The issue of money will come into play as putting in a new permanent footpath is not a cheap endeavour and money will have to be found. I know the NT are seeking out the required funding.

The NT are planning a series of updates as and when they have more details. As soon as I have more details, I will update you too.

The Penrose NT has a great website for information HERE.

Loe Bar Footpath set to be closed from 1st May

The Environment Agency have requested to close the footpath crossing Loe Bar to carryout works on their equipment. From my understanding, this is to enhance the culvert that discharges water from the river Cober and Loe Pool and is part of the new flood prevention scheme for Helston.

This footpath as shown on the map below will be The Location of the footpath is: Footpath 6, Porthleven and Footpath 4, Gunwalloe. The path will be closed from the 1st May 2017 to 30th September 2017 (24 hours weekends included)

I am seeking clarification on how much is closed and whether the public can access this area.