Another Blow to Newquay Airport

News, and bad news has been announced about Air Southwest’s intention to pull out of Plymouth and Newquay. This is a huge blow to not only Plymouth, but Newquay airport. As people will know Newquay airport is owned by Cornwall Council and has for the last few years been losing a considerable (millions) amount of money every year.

Newquay’s routes to Glasgow, Guernsey, Jersey and Manchester will also end on the 13th September and then on the 30th services to Aberdeen, Bristol, Cork, Dublin and Leeds Bradford will end.

No doubt the revenue to the already loss making airport will be further hit. I have sent an email asking the amounts of lost revenue and the impact to the airport this announcement will have.

You need planes to land and take of from an airport to make it work. The question is: how many more blows can Newquay Airport take before it is a lost cause?