Porthleven and Helston voter turnout for the EU Referendum

No matter which side you voted for on the EU Referendum, there was one winner – democracy. Over 33 million (72.2%) eligible voters took part in this Referendum. Some may not like the result, but a quote attributed to Churchill sums the democratic process up well – Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all others.

So what was the turnout like in Porthleven and Helston?

Porthleven – 76.1% with 1577 people voting at the Public Hall

Two Polling Stations cover Helston West with 71% with 956 people voting at Culdrose Community Centre and  68% with 467 people voting at the Old Cattle Market

Two Polling Stations cover Helston North – 72% with 609 people voting at the Light and Life Chapel and 75% with 1514 people voting.

Two Polling Stations cover Helston South – 60% with 583 people voting at the Wesley Chapel and 66% with 675 people voting at the Wesley Chapel.

I am unable to give you the details of how people voted at this level, but I can for the whole of Cornwall – see below.

Good Paper Totals
  Remain Leave Spoilt Total
South East Cornwall 22,972 32,067 56 55,095
North Cornwall 21,669 31,848 32 53,549
St Austell 22,620 37,508 28 60,156
Camborne & Redruth 23,704 30,827 48 54,579
Truro & Falmouth 28,470 25,393 35 53,898
St Ives 21,105 25,022 38 46,165
 Total 140,540 182,665 237 323,442

With the local turnout and the result for the whole of Cornwall, these do not count the number of postal votes as although the polling station ballot boxes were verified by constituency, the postal votes, which came from all areas of Cornwall, were distributed evenly across all six parliamentary constituencies.  So this means that the Council cannot say exactly how individual constituencies voted.


The EU Referendum – elation and anger

I was not going to stay up and watch the EU Referendum results, but I did. Fascinating stuff and that was before the result was declared. The ‘Exiters’ won the vote by 51.9%. The only really thing the pollsters got right was it was a close result.

Nearly three-quarters (72.2%) of the Country voted on what they thought was right box to tick. It just shows people can be motivated to vote.

In Cornwall 323,442 voted from 419,755 eligible voters. A 77.07% turnout. Cornwall voted to leave.

  • Remain 140,540 (43.45%)
  • Leave 182,665 (56.48%)
  • Rejected papers 237

I had hoped both campaigns would be run on honest facts and reasons. However, both referendum campaigns were full of half-truths, manipulating figures and lies. No side has come out of the campaign looking particularly good.

Yet two days after the results, I am surprised at the comments being made on social media with even a petition calling for the referendum to be held again.  We live in a democracy. More people voted out than in this referendum. That is what happens in elections, surprise surprise the winner is the one with the most votes. Be disappointed, with the result but let’s keep it in perspective.

A decision has been made; we need to get on with it together. It is that simple. It really is un-British to have this venomous back-biting and hatred.

As for the petition, would the same people be calling for a re-run if remain had won? No they would not. In fact they would be crying foul and saying that it is undemocratic. A democracy is not asking you to vote and re-vote until the vote goes your way.

Though you might not know, this referendum was not what you call a ‘binding’ vote (unlike the AV referendum). The Government could/can ignored it. But that’s highly unlikely, more so with the PM stepping down post the result.

Maybe the disappointment should be levelled at the political elite in the EU. Both sides of the referendum campaign have said the EU needs reform. The EU would not reform. It took the attitude of we do not have to. I bet those elites wished they had now. Or had been more receptive when the PM asked for reform. Instead the EU shut the door on his face. If the EU had showed it was willing to reform, I doubt this referendum would have taken place.

This Country, Great Britain is in unknown territory. But have faith, we will find our feet. It might be a bumpy journey, but we will get there and survive. It is not the end of the world as some are predicting.

I will leave you with this. Maybe we should heed Oddball’s advice

Government has extended voting registration to midnight 9th June

The UK Government has today announced that it will be extending the deadline to register to vote at the EU referendum to midnight 9th June.

So if you have yet to register, you still have chance to register and take part in the most important vote this County has had in a very, very long time. However, if you are already registered, please please do not try to re-register. As you are already eligible to vote and all you are doing is creating more work for Electoral Services.

The Electoral Commission have released a statement in response to the announcement.


If you are registered to vote, you do not have to re-register to vote in the European Referendum

I have seen many Facebook messages saying people have to re-register to vote in the European Referendum due to take place in six-weeks time. The simple fact is if you are already registered to vote then you do not need to do anything else at this time. You can vote in the referendum.

If you have not registered, and you want to vote in the EU Referendum, you need to register to vote by Tuesday, 7 June. If you do not, you cannot vote.

If you have not yet registered to vote, then you can apply online HERE . You can also use this website to check whether you are on the electoral register, update your name, address or other details or arrange to vote in person or by post. The process usually takes about five minutes to complete.

I know that some people have been confused by the information being sent out nationally and think they need to specifically register to vote in the EU Referendum. You do not.

If you are a British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen and registered to vote in local government and/or parliamentary elections you will be able to vote in the Referendum.

The confusion surrounding ‘can I vote’ has led to nine out of ten applications received at Cornwall Council over the past few weeks have been from people who are already on the electoral register.

This has led to an enormous increase in the workload of the elections staff who have to write to each one of these duplicate applicants to let them know they do not need to apply again.

However, there are still around 14,000 people in Cornwall who have not returned their application forms, despite numerous reminders from the Council’s elections team.

When the revised electoral register for Cornwall was published in December 2015, there were 396,474 voters on the register. This number increased by nearly 18,000 to 414,461 in time for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

With the intense publicity around the EU Referendum it has led to a further flurry of applications to the Council’s elections service over the past few weeks from people wanting to register to vote. As of this week the number of people on the electoral register is 415,645.

For more information on the European Union Referendum.