Children and adults making their ducks in readiness for Porthleven’s annual Duck Race

The annual Porthleven Duck Race, now in its fourth year, will take place on Saturday 26th at 3pm. The location of this event is  near the bridge on the Moors. This event is organised by The Porthleven Community Group.

Leading up to the race, the community group organise a ‘duck making event’ prior to the event. This year’s theme was using recycling materials. As ever, there was a good turn out and both adults and children were keen to make their ducks in readiness for the race.

Those who were not able to make the duck making event, can still make a duck for Saturday’s race. So you still have time.

The Porthleven Duck Race is set for Saturday 26th March


The annual Porthleven Duck Race is set to take place on Saturday 26th March at 3pm on the Moors Playing Field (bottom park). This event is organised by Porthleven Community Group.

Like in previous years, the group organise a ‘make your duck’ event. This will take place at the Public Hall on Saturday 19th March starting at 10 am and finishing at 12 noon. There will be free coffee and tea too!

This year the plan is to make the ducks out of recycled materials and papier-mache. So if you can please collect and bring along small cardboard boxes, plastic containers, or anything that is could be used for the ducks would be most welcomed.

Both events are free. The races can be entered both by children and adults! The adults race is highly competitive…


Porthleven Duck race has a record turn out

The annual Porthleven Duck race – now in its third year –  took place on the Bank Holiday weekend. This event is organised by the Porthleven Community Group – whose aim is to bring the community together to have fun. It is a worthy aim and one the group achieve. Every year the race rises money for a charity and this year was no different, as the group decided to raise money for the Porthleven Skate Park project.

This years event saw a record number of ducks take to the water. This saw the creation of a new race for adults. It was great to see so many proud adult happily displaying their home-made ducks.  I really do not know if the children or adults where the loudest cheering and egging on their duck as they made their way down the river in Porthleven.

Huge thanks go to the community group for this event. Special thanks as ever go to Tim who ‘like a duck to water’ bravely entered the water to act as race official and lend help to some ducks that got caught in the banks, or who had trouble staying afloat….

As is now the tradition, the Mayor (this year the Deputy Mayor) gets their own duck made by the community group

The Mayoral Duck for the Deputy Major, Cllr Powell

The Mayoral Duck for the Deputy Major, Cllr Powell


Tim gets ready to launch the children’s ducks


My sons duck, HBM

My sons duck, HBM


Me and my duck, Pinkie



Some of the entries into the children’s duck race


Porthleven Community Group 2nd Duck Race

Saturday 19th April saw the annual Porthleven Duck Race return to the waters of Porthleven. This event now in its second year is organised by the Porthleven Community Group. The previous weekend the Porthleven Community Group also organised and supplied the materials for children (and adults) to make their ducks for the race. All this is done for free, with Coastline Housing, Porthleven Town Council and my councillor community fund supporting this group with small grants.

The event opened by the Mayor of Porthleven who was presented with his own duck for the race. It seems it is now ‘tradition’ for the Mayor to be presented his own duck for the race. Slightly different to last years race, a plastic duck race was also held in aid of the Porthleven Band who have supported the group. The Porthleven Community Group vice-chairman, Tim Pryke was again volunteered to enter the water to set the ducks off.

It was good to see children and adults having fun cheering their ducks as they made their way along the river in Porthleven. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is still something fun watching an object you have made float down a watercourse.

Full credit must go to everyone involved in the Porthleven Community Group. This group grows in strength by organising events with the aim to have fun.


The mayor of Porthleven with his duck


The ducks are getting ready for the off!


Tim gets ready to lauch the ducks


And the ducks are off!


The finish line

The Porthleven Duck Race

The (first) Porthleven Duck Race was held on Saturday 30th at 3pm on The Moors near the river. This event was organised by the Porthleven Community Group. I counted at least twenty homemade ducks in different styles and designs, which was just fantastic.

Before the start of the eagerly awaited race, the Mayor of Porthleven, Mark Berryman was invited to pick the best made (or looking) duck. An unenviable task as you can please only one child and upset the rest! It was a close vote, but the JCB duck was picked as a worthy winner.

Just before the race started, the Mayor was presented with his very own Mayoral Duck, dressed in full regalia. It was then time for the race. The ducks were loading on the launching tray, and then released. Cheers of encouragement were shouted along the course, and I am sure this encouragement came more from the adults who had ducks in the race.

Prizes were given for the first, second and third placed ducks. The winner was also given a free ticket to Flambards one to eleven, which had been kindly donated to the group by Flambards. The winner being the JCB duck! My own duck came a pleasing third.

A huge thanks should go to the community group for organising this. Special mention should go to Tim Pryke, who braved the cold waters to launch and retrieve the ducks. The group has more fun events planned, so if you want to help or take part in this, just come to the next meeting. They even provide cake for those who turn up!

Here are a selection of pictures from the event:


The race entrants


The Mayor and competitors


And they are off


The Mayor and the winners


The Mayor and his duck