The children of Porthleven School write an open letter about clearing up dog poo

There is a small working group made up from representatives from the town council and the community who are looking at how to tackle the issue of people not picking up their dog’s poo. It is totally unacceptable our play areas and pavements are blighted by dog poo; caused by owners failing to pick it up.

The working group has asked the children of Porthleven School to help in this campaign. The children of the school, supported by the teaching staff, have written an open letter that explains how they see this issue.

The letter is as follows:

“Dear Porthleven,

The children of Porthleven School are writing this open letter as we would like to ask people in the village to make sure they clean up after their dogs. It is something that the children think is a growing problem, where they have noticed it all around our village. During the last week the School Council, which is run by pupils, have been holding meetings with the children in each class, along with the teachers, to talk about the issue about the dog mess in Porthleven. When we talked to the children here are some of their comments,

“There is lots of poo around the park, especially around the goal and it has stopped my mum letting me play there.”

“My mummy found 20 large pieces of dog poo in one field and was really cross. She picked up every single piece of poop.”

“I am really scared for my dog because the rain makes it go in the stream and all the germs might make her very ill when she drinks from it.”

“The posters don’t work. I watched somebody scoop up the mess and put the bag in a hedge.”

“There are not enough bins and they are never cleaned.”

“There are more flies with the mess and they go all over you.”

“My dog was really poorly from eating it and got a parasite in its tummy.”

“I went for a walk and there was poo on the beach, in the lane and by the swings – it was everywhere!”

This is just a few of the comments we have collected.

The pupils are really concerned that if they get it on their shoes, they could spread into school on the floor where they might sit.

We have been investigating and know that dog poo has 23 million bacteria on just one gram. This makes it stink and is unpleasant, but most importantly, it can make us really poorly. It also has toxins in that could make us blind. It is bad for our environment and gets into the water and se

We want to change this by making people more aware of the issues. If there are more bins, people might use them? Why do people just leave it on the floor? We have seen signs saying about fines for people who don’t clear up the mess but are they enforced?

Thank you for the time in reading our concerns and we really would like you to address this problem as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely

Porthleven School Council”

This letter say’s it all really. Well done to all the children who gave their views. Thanks should also go to the staff at the school who are supporting the children to get this message across.

Please pick up your dog’s poo. And when you do pick it up, do not just leave the bag, or throw it somewhere, dispose of it correctly. It is not only the red dog bins that can take dog poo, all bins in Porthleven can be used to deposit dog poo.

More Dog Bins in Porthleven

Yes, the exciting subject of Dog Bins is back, with not one, but two bits of good news. After having the dog bin along Peverell Terrace replaced. I asked if more could be provided in locations that are in need.

Whilst I understand I can’t get every street corner a bin. I have though managed to get an extra two dog bins. The new location for these bins will be along

  • One the junction of Torleven and Tolponds Road
  • One near the Former Football Club building alone Mill Lane

I hope in time to get one alone Loe Bar road just past Ty-Rock, but this might take sometime.

These should be in place this week. Thanks again to Cornwall Council for agreeing to provide 3 new bins are a amount of discussion between me and the council.

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