Porthleven’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

With any event, you can organise everything apart from two things. The weather and people turning up. The working group behind organising Porthleven’s picnic in the park had everything sorted for a fantastic day. However, mother-nature decided to provide liquid sunshine by the bucket load on the evening prior and morning of the event.

On the day, the working group met on a very boggy field full of hope and optimism. We soon realised that no matter how many checks on the weather forecast, or looks to the sky, it was not going to stop raining any time soon. It was now 9:30, and the event was planned to start at 12 noon.

The jubilee working group

The field was definitely a no-go, so we were left two options of either cancelling, or finding an alternative venue. Faced with these two options, cancelling was ruled out. Someone mentioned that if the Queen could stand for over four-hours in pretty awful weather, we could find an alternative.

A call was made to the public hall booking secretary to see if the hall was available. Thankfully it was, and within minutes an alternative plan was put into place. The only way we could tell people of the change of location was using the various social media sites, and local radio stations. The worry was how many people would be see and hear the message in time.

Now with the keys to the hall many volunteers turned up to offer assistance to help decorate and set up the hall for the now aptly named Picnic in the Hall. Within two hours, the hall was set up and looking like this location had been planned in the first place. It was a heart-warming sight to see so many people helping to get the hall ready. With everything set up, we awaited to see if anyone would brave the weather and turn up.

We should not have feared, as by 12:15, the hall was packed, with people queueing to get in. Even though the hall was packed, everyone was in good spirits and did not mind the lack of space. People squashed up to fit in as many seats at the throws of tables, with many people standing between the rows, or at the side. I was told later that so many knew of he change of venue was down to everyone ‘reposting’ our Facebook message so many times.

The Mayor of Porthleven opened the proceedings at 12:30, and did a wonderful job at comparing the various acts and events throughout the day. The first act was Porthleven School’s signing choir. This was a remarkable sight, with the children getting a huge round of applause at the end of their act. This was followed by the Porthleven dance group, and then various bands who were more than happy to entertain everyone.

The children had lots to do during the day with face-painting and crown making. The cake competition went ahead with some fantastic entries. Sandra, from An Mordros Hotel won the adult category. Near the end of the day the crown parade took place with a late category entry of ‘older’ children. It was slightly worrying to see so many ‘older’ children wanting to make a crown! (pictures below)

I can honestly say the event was a huge success with some many people coming together to enjoy the day. Now no one can argues the great community spirit Porthleven has, especially if there is a late change to the plan. I was glad to be part of the day. So thank you to everyone for making this event so special!

Huge thanks should go to the working group of Annette Shaw, Neisha Harding, Leigh Yates, Becci Distin, Charlene Bastedo, Damela Storbeck and the Deputy Mayor, Sue Johns for leading this group. And to the people who turned up to set up and clear away!

Various pictures from the event (it is a shame I can’t post many of the children pictures because they are some of the best):

The hall being set up

The Hall at 12:00, just after the doors opened

One of the Bands

The winning cake

The 'older' children crown competition!

All the cakes in the competition

My attempt at a crown


Porthleven’s Diamond Jubilee Picnic in the Park

On Tuesday 5th June, Porthleven will be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee with a picnic in the park. This is open to everyone to come and enjoy and share the great community spirit Porthleven has. Lots is planned throughout the day, so there will be no chance of being bored.
The main events of the day are as follows:
  • Midday – Mayor of Porthleven opens the event
  • 12:05 – 1pm Porthleven Town Band will entertain you.
  • 1pm -1:30pm Porthleven School’s Choir. This is their world exclusive performance!2pm – 3pm Children’s games, with medals and prizes
  •  1.45 – 2.15pm – Jubilee cake competition judging
  • 3pm – 4pm Porthleven’s Jubilee Tug of War competition
  • 4:15pm – Jubilee Crown Parade
  • 5pm – The end of this marvellous event

Even though there are some key events taking place you can also just chill out and listen to at least 5 different artists entertaining you with their songs.

For the children (and adults) you can have your faced painted in Jubilee colours or make a  Jubilee crown which will be judged and prizes awarded for the best crown. Also, the children will be able to bounce to their hearts content on the bouncy castle, or have a go at being a Sumo wrestler, or test their skills on the surf machine! All these will be free!

In the Marquee there will be a bar provide by the Atlantic Inn, Pasty’s from the Horse and Jockey Bakery, and cream teas from Nauti-but-Ice.

There will also be two toilets on site to save you the walk home, or to the public toilets at Shute Lane.

So, pack a blanket, bring a picnic and enjoy what will be a very memorable day that will be remembered for years to come. Lastly, there will be a prize for the best dressed jubilee person!

The Facebook Page:


Porthleven Diamond Jubilee Picnic in the Park

The working group organising the Porthleven Diamond Jubilee Picnic in the Park have just launched a Facebook page to keep the residents of Porthleven informed on the progress and list of activities and events to take place at this event. The Facebook page can be found HERE.

The event will be held on the 5th June, starting at 12 noon, and finishes at 5pm.  To make the event extra-special, the working group wants people to take part, or supply a few pictures to put on display. These are:

  • WANTED: Teams of 5 people for a Tug of War competition at 15:00 (adult & child categories). Who are the strongest group of people in Porthleven? Harbour Inn staff/drinkers? Gig team? Surfers? Footballers? Please call Annette or Darren on 01326 561121 to register your team. Which pub/club will add the coveted Diamond Jubilee Tug of War trophy to their shelf?
  • WANTED: cakes! There’ll be a cake decorating competition for adults & children so let your imagination & creativity run wild & get baking over the weekend. Why not get your kids to decorate a cake on Bank Holiday Monday & bring along their creation? The theme is ‘Red, White & Blue’.
  • WANTED: photos of events held in Porthleven over the years. We’re having an exhibition called ‘Porthleven Celebrations Through The Ages’ in a marquee & we need old photos that you have tucked away of past celebrations held in the village. Demelza at Porthleven Holiday Cottages is coordinating & if you take your photos to her on the Harbour Head she’ll scan them & give them back to you.

This event is open to everyone so please spread the word & let’s make it a Jubilee event to remember! If you want to dress up in red, white & blue then please do. If you don’t want to bring a picnic, there will be food on sale by the Horse and Jockey pasty shop and a BBQ by the Fisherman’s Association. A small bar will be provided too.

The full range of activities will be published near the time, but  so far it includes bands, entertainment, cake and crown making competitions, games and sports, bouncy castle to name but a few.

Leading up to the event, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Porthleven will be presenting a mug to all the primary school children who attend Porthleven School, or who live in Porthleven, but attend another primary school.

I hope you see you all there!

Planning for the Diamond Jubilee Party

A public meeting was held on Monday night organised by Porthleven Town Council for people to offer help and ideas for the forthcoming Porthleven Diamond Jubilee Party. The meeting was chaired by Cllr Sue Johns, Deputy Mayor of Porthleven.

The meeting was a success as those who attended offered many good ideas and then their time to make this event a success. The preferred day for this event will be on Tuesday 5th June. It was agreed the event will be run along the lines of a ‘picnic in the park’. Other ideas discussed and agreed in principle were:

• Large Screen with films of historical events in Porthleven
• Mugs for all primary school children who either reside in Porthleven or attend Porthleven School
• Market on the Harbour Head
• Sports events (tug of war, etc)
• Bouncy Castle
• Cake Competition
• Children’s Entertainment

Some of the groups/organisations in attendance were Porthleven Town Council, Unity Rd Residents, Porthleven School, Harbour and Dock Company, Porthleven Community Group (formerly Porthleven Residents Association) and members of the public.

The working group will be meeting in three weeks time to discuss further plans. Before the next meeting the group will be seeking sponsorship to help pay for the screen. This is because the group has only has a limited budget for this event.

If you want to help, drop me an email/phone call

Diamond Jubilee Party supported by Porthleven Town Council

On the agenda at the last monthly meeting of Porthleven Town Council was the proposal to support financially the plans to hold a community event for the Diamond Jubilee on Tuesday 5th June. The town council acknowledges not everyone is a royalist, but this event is not just about celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen, but also the great community spirit Porthleven has.

The town council has agreed to put aside up to £1000 and I have also agreed to put in £300 from my own community fund for this event. A large proportion of this money will be spent on providing all the primary school children who attend Porthleven School, or are a resident of Porthleven but don’t attend Porthleven School with mug commemorating the jubilee . I still remember fondly the mug I received back in 1977.

The plans are still in an early stage and the full day’s program has not been decided. It is hoped anyone who is interesting in helping out on the day, or chipping in will attend a public meeting at the Public Hall on the 5th March. This meeting will start at 7pm. So far, the Harbour and Dock has agreed to provide two small marquee’s, the school some sports equipment, and today I spoke with a member of the schools PTA who was also keen to help out.

However, the basic idea for the day is people to bring a picnic, take part in some fun games, and enjoy themselves. Also plan is to have a  Carnival King and Queen for the day.  The working group led by the Deputy Mayor, Sue Johns wants people to come forward and suggest ideas for the day. It is a well know fact, Porthleven has a great community spirit and this event will add to this spirit.

So, if you fancy helping out, or want to suggest an idea, you can either turn up at the public meeting, contact the town council,  Demelza Storbeck at the Harbour and Dock Company or me.

Diamond Jubilee Party Planned for Porthleven

A month ago, Porthleven Town Council formed a small working party to looking into the feasibility of holding a Diamond Jubilee party for Porthleven. The working party is being headed by the Deputy Major, Sue Johns along with other Councillors (including me).

The working party met for the first time last Friday, it had also invited representatives from the Public Hall Committee, Harbour and Dock, Porthleven School and the organisers of the very successful Unity Rd Royal Wedding party. The initial meetings aim was just to get the ball rolling on looking for a basic ideas and various locations to hold this event. Yes I know not all groups in Porthleven were initially invited, but they will be invited to a public meeting in February.

It was thought after looking at various locations the location of this ‘whole community event’ was going to take place on The Moors playing fields and will take place during the daytime of the 5th June. The plan is to hold a massive picnic/bring your own food type of event either on tables and chairs (if we can get enough), on blankets, or people bringing their own tables and chairs. The park will be decorated with bunting and flags.

Some of the other ideas thought considered, but not confirmed, were:

  • Jubilee King and Queen
  • Jubilee Mugs for Children
  • Traditional games like tug-of-war, egg and spoon and sack-race
  • Exhibition of pictures and films of past royal and community events

A public meeting will be held in Porthleven’s public hall in February (date and time to be confirmed) when it is hoped lots of people from the town will offer help their support for the event. Whilst the full day’s programme has not been decided, it is hoped at the public meeting, that other groups and organisations will offer help, or hold events during this day

Porthleven is lucky to have a community that is willing to invest time, energy and enthusiasm to create events that help make the town a fantastic place to live, work and visit. It is hoped that the people of the town will once again get together so the towns Jubilee Party can become a day to remember for everyone who was there.

So, the motto for this day is:

‘Come along and be part of it’