London Goes Mad but not in Cornwall

The shocking pictures of people looting and rioting in London bring shame on us all. What started out as a peaceful protest has been hijacked by nothing other than thug’s intent on looting? Worse, it has spread to other cities. I am really ashamed that a so called civilized county can act in such a way.
Fear not, whilst London and other areas go mad in Cornwall people are willing to stand up and confront wrong-doers. A few days a go the honesty box in Porthleven’s Shrubberies Hill car park was being robbed. This thief would have got away with their crime if it was not for one brave lady. She is one of our more senior members of the community, but that did not deter her from confronting this thief. 
In the end the thief took flight rather than face the wraith of this lady. In his escape, the thief dropped the money he had taken so far from the box. Of course this lady could not give chase (she would have if she could), but instead collected up the dropped money and took it to the One Stop Shop in Helston.
I would not have known anything about this, but she also dropped me an email to tell me that she had deposited this money because she did not want anyone to think she had taken it herself. It is people like this who instead of ignoring the crime acted without thought of the danger to stop this.
I would like to say a huge thank you to this lady for her bravery and conduct in stopping this crime.
There is however a twist in the tail. The day after the crime, this honesty box was being emptied (daily now) and found inside was a £20 note. I would like to think that the thief was feeling guilty, and tried to do amends by placing the note in the box. Of course, it might not have been, but it is rather strange for someone to pop in a £20 note in an honesty box that normally only takes small change.