Cornwall Council Tie Sold For…

The Auction for the rare, exclusive and hideous Cornwall Council Tie has now ended. I am really pleased that it raised £64.07. Ok, it is not a fortune, but as that well known supermarket saying goes “every little helps”

It would have been really great if the Leader of Cornwall Council had won it, but I think he might have one or eighty left of his own. Anyway, the person who did actually win it is my great friend Mark Needham. He and I joined up together in the 80’s and have been firm friends since. In fact, Mark is a veteran of a few bun-fights from around the world and will know first hand how Help the Heroes makes a difference to those who have been wounded whilst serving.

Thanks again for all who ‘retweeted’ on Twitter, spread the word and bid.  I will hopefully post a picture or two of the handover of the tie with Mark, once I have pinned him down to pay for it!!

The Cornwall Council Tie

I can confirm that I am the ‘proud’ owner of one of the 100 pure silk Cornwall Council Ties. Not naturally a tie wearer I very much doubt the tie will be removed from its protective wrapper.

I thought apart from gathering dust in a draw I thought I would make better use of it. I have decided to sell this tie on E-bay. This is not for my personal gain, but all the money from the sale price will be donated to ‘Help the Heroes’

This charity is dear to my heart as an ex-member of the Forces I believe this charity really makes a difference to those serving personal who have been put in harms way.

The fiasco of the credit/debit card issue is bad for Cornwall Councils image, but by doing this, it might do a lot of good for others.

I will once it is online at E-bay place the link to the auction items. Please, please no matter what you think of Cornwall Council try and place a bid on this tie.

Below is a picture of the fabled tie.