Cornwall Council wants young people’s view on the 11 plus service

The 11+ service – in old money the 11+ service is the youth service –  is going to change. Not only to adapt to the financial pressures the Council is facing, but also services need to adapt to what young people require. For me, and the service, it is very important for the young people to have a say on how this service is commissioned going into the future.

This is why we have set up a simple You Choose survey that allows young people to prioritise which parts of the service are more important, and if they want more resources going into a specific area. There is no new money for the 11+ service so any increase to an area, will have to be met with a decrease in another part of the 11+ service.

Here is the survey which is aimed at young people. If you are a young person who is reading this blog  click  HERE to do the survey, and if you have a young person (who is 11 and over) can you get them to do the survey.