Loe Bar Coastal Footpath Officially Opened

Last week, I had the pleasure to take part in the official opening of the Loe Bar to Porthleven coastal footpath, along with all the people involved in making it happen. When I first heard of part of the footpath falling into the sea – which seemed about 10 minutes after it happened – I feared the footpath would either not be repaired or taken years. However, my fears never came to fruition.

Just some of the people involved with the project

The scale of the landslip meant you couldn’t just move the footpath a couple of feet and be done with it. The footpath needed a complete rethink for it to work for just about all abilities, but also for the footpath to have longevity. This required many people to be involved from the farmer, the south-west coast path team, Cornwall Council and of course the National Trust. To further complicate matters, the old pathway was a by-way, so a legal Modification Order was required. This has resulted in both a footpath and bridleway being constructed.

Martin Wallis (farmer), Mike (NT) and Hamish (Cornwall Council)

In what was true partnership working, a new footpath and bridleway was constructed that I hope people will appreciate the effort and cost that has gone into this. Many thanks must go to all the parties involved, but special thanks to Greg from the National Trust who managed the project and kept the public informed through-out, Martin Wallis who gave up a entire field to enable the paths to be constructed, and to Darren Searle who build the footpath.

Apologies must go to the cows who have lost probably one of the best views anyone could wish for.

The upset cows..