Cornwall Council has (not) got Talent – Children in Need 2012

The annual lets look even more silly than normal took place on Tuesday in guise of Cornwall Council has (NOT) Talent competition that helps raise a little money for the worth cause of  Children in Need. This was going to take place on November 15th, but it was rescheduled due to clashing with the Police Commissioner Election.

As normal, Councillors and Democratic Services put in an act. This is the fourth year we have, and last year (and quite rightly so) we won, yes really we won! This year, as it was close to Christmas, we decided to do a ‘School Nativity’.  Yes, I know you are probably thinkings please do not put up any pictures, as I cannot afford that much therapy.

The stage was set, and it was Lights, Camera and Action!

Councillor and Democratic Services do the Nativity for Children in Need

Councillor and Democratic Services do the Nativity for Children in Need

The deputy leader of MK threads the boards

The deputy leader of MK, Cllr Andrew Long threads the boards as The Donkey

The leaders of Cornwall Council's Lib Dems, MK and Indi Group show off their acting skills

The leaders of Cornwall Council’s Lib Dems, MK and Indi Group show off their acting skills as the three wise men
left to right: Cllrs John Wood, Dick Cole and Jeremy Rowe


Mary (Cllr Duffin) and Joseph

Mary (Cllr Duffin) and Joseph

The cast look on in amazement on my dancing!

The cast look on in amazement at my dancing!

And lastly, me as Gabriel the Narrator!

Me as Gabriel the Narrator

Me as Gabriel the Narrator


I have to say well done to all the people who took part that could sing or tell jokes. It was great to see so many people enter into the spirit of things giving up their own time to either take part or watch. I do have other pictures, but I am going going to publish them as they are more use as bargaining chips and ransoms!

Finally, I am please to say no animals or Councillors were harmed in this or any other performance.

If you are brave and want reminding, here are previous years: 2011  and 2010 and 2009


Cornwall Council Has Talent (or not) Competition 2011

For the last three years Cornwall Council has been running a talent competition along the lines of X-factor. This take place during the lunch period, so no one takes any official time off. This fun and games is to raise a little money for Children in Need.

This year there were seven acts ranging from singers, musicians, duets, comedians and performers. I again was part of the Democratic Services team along with my fellow Councillor Andrew Long. Previously other Councillors had been part of the team, but this year they wimped out.

Our title for this year was Democratic Divas vs Men in Black. Our performance was truly remarkable, but we faced strong competition from others. Considering we felt we had been robed of the winning title on previous years by those who could actually sing, play instruments, or dance; our chances were going to be slim.

However, through an act of God, or some other non-religious type event we actually won! Yes, we really did win (of course we knew we would be winners in our own deluded minds). Well done to everyone taking part, judging (yes we got you again this year!!), watching and donating to this great cause.

For those not of the faint disposition below are two pictures of the winning (and rightly so) act!

Democratic Divas and The Men in Black

The Men in Black

Cornwall Council – Children in Need Event

Cornwall Council is a firm supporter of Children in Need. It annually holds a ‘Council’s Got Talent’ competition, Many will argue that the word talent is being stretched to breaking point. Anyway this even is held during the lunch period as not to impede with work. This year more people entered, and from watching it, more of the ‘having a laugh’ entries entered. Again, as last year, a couple of hundred of pounds was raised for this great cause.

Last year I was part of the fantastic act called the Cross-party Dressers. We decided to reform in the guise of the Spice Girls. Of course you could not tell the difference between the real group and us. if all else fails in politics I am sure we will have firm bookings as a look-a-like act. Below are pictures that may require a little warning to those of a sensitive nature.

The ‘Spice Girls’
Left to right: Cllrs Andrew Long (sporty), Scott Mann (posh), Jeremy Rowe (ginger), Steve Double (baby) and Andrew Wallis (scary)
Of Course we were ‘robbed’ of the win, but the winner really did have talent singing and playing a guitar.