Noise, Chickens and Cocks

One of the items at today’s Communities Scrutiny Meeting was about Statutory Noise Nuisance. It is a given that no one likes to be subjected to unnecessary noise, especially during the night period. The difficulty is what consists as a noise nuisance. That item agenda can be found HERE

I know from my licensing experience if a establishment becomes a problem with noise they are dealt with generally via the courts, or through a review process under the Licensing Act. Loud music is one thing, but a recent case for a Noise Abatement Order surrounds chickens. This is because a 1050 name petition in support of a resident who has chickens and has been served an Abatement Order.

Near two hours of the Committee’s time were spent talking about noise and chickens and what constitutes a nuisance.  I don’t want to get into the detail of the case because there could be further legal actions by the interested parties.

However, my view is if you live near a farm you should expect the odd mooing or other farm noises. It is the same if you live next to an airfield. You can hardly complain about aircraft flying overhead.

In fact, living in a rural area you will hear rural noises, like you would hear urban noises if you live in a city. If you move into a city or rural area then you can’t expect to have everything changed. If you don’t like the mooing or crowing, then don’t move.

I live in an area that has a lot of loud seagulls. I don’t like being woken up by them chatting away, but I accept it because I live right next to the coast.