Citizenship for Life and Young Carers

The Citizenship for Life (C4L) programme for 2012/14 is now in month three . This months activity is taking place the same time as Carer’s Week, so it is only right the students learn more about this field.

During the first part of the day – hosted by the Hotel Bristol in Newquay – the twelve (I am one) mentors and mentees were introduced to some inspirational people who work within this field. One of the subjects we discussed was on young carers. During the discussion and activities, many of the young people taking part in the C4L programme are themselves young carers for either their parents or grandparents.

This got me thinking on the Young Carer’s Contract and the work Cornwall Council does with Action for Children, and how important this service is to many of the young carer’s. For £150,000 Action of Children is able to help 349 young people in Cornwall. The funding is made up by £140,000 from Cornwall Council and £10,000 from Health.

The key aims for Action for Children are:

  • The provision of direct support to young carers in the form of 1-1 support and peer activities
  • The provision of effective support to multi-agency locality teams in the development of an increased level of direct support
  • Support and make sure the voice of young carers is central in new ways of working.

For me, it was a great morning of seeing hard-working staff who feel passionately about their job and young people learning about something new to them.


The C4L Group at Hotel Bristol