The Launch of Brighter Cornwall

Cast you minds back to  2012 when the Council announced details of the New Deal for Young People which included the Cornwall Higher Education (HE) scheme – Brighter Cornwall. The scheme proposed supporting more students from Cornwall to progress into HE and into employment.

This scheme was designed in response to an identified need, where fewer students from Cornwall progress into HE compared with national averages in addition to addressing clear skills gaps in some of our priority sectors for Cornwall’s economic growth. Both of these issues remain a strategic priority in 2014 and beyond

The scheme was developed on the basis of securing funding from the 2014 European Strategic Investment Fund, but due to delays from Government, we are still in the process of shaping the activity that will be funded through the EU programme. The Council did, however, commit to running a pilot project in 2014 which involved offering a small number of Scholarships with partner universities and a pilot undergraduate work placement scheme with partners, Unlocking Potential.

Brighter Cornwall launches today, Friday, 15 August after A-Level students have received their results. I am really pleased that the Council is launching this first phase of the Brighter Cornwall scheme. Higher level skills are vital for the growth of Cornwall’s economy and through Brighter Cornwall we want to promote great career opportunities that young people can return to.

We know that good employability skills and work experience are important factors in securing a job in a competitive market and Brighter Cornwall provides students with a great opportunity to get this experience before they graduate through paid placements during the holidays. I want to encourage students and our local business to take part in Brighter Cornwall and sign up through the website

The programme will provide undergraduates with vital work experience and networking opportunities with local businesses, enabling them to make connections that can lead to careers, long before graduation. Brighter Cornwall complements the existing offer for graduates and will also help to encourage the higher level skills required for economic growth back into the County.

Students need to sign up and log their contact details for more information on the opportunities available to them. Please take a look at the below link to find out more about Brighter Cornwall. We would also like your help to promote sign up to the programme by both students and local businesses who may be willing to offer an undergraduate a work placements as part of the scheme. So please spread the word.

More details can be found here –