An Improvement to Blue Buoy Steps

Back in July I had a meeting with an Cornwall Council officer to discuss the possibility of handrails being installed at Blue Buoy Steps. I am pleased to stay two handrails have now been installed. I hope mother nature will be kind to them as since I announced I was going to have the rails installed people have told me it is a good idea.

Blue Buoy Steps Porthleven

I have had a few requests from residents of Porthleven for a railing to be fitted at the bottom of Blue Buoy Steps. Theses steps leading onto the beach are steep, but are also well used. One reason for their high usage is these are the only steps that you can access the beach whilst the ban of dogs on beaches is active.

An early meeting this morning (8:15) with an officer from Cornwall Council has produced a result. It has been agreed that a railing will be fitted to these steps. The railing will be fitted as soon as it can be placed into the work plan. I hope this should not take more than six weeks.

I am grateful to the officer in coming out so early, and more importantly, agreeing with my request.