My Blog hits a quarter of a million views

When I first started blogging I never knew if anyone would actually read the posts apart from my mum and dad. However, looking at my stats after one of my posts got  – and still is – a huge amount of traffic,  I have found out  my blog has  passed the 250,000 views mark. In fact at the time of writing this post the blog has had 256,352 views. That is pretty impressive considering my site is not a professional site, and is about my views whilst I carry out the role of a Cornwall Councillor.

As a Councillor trying to explain my role, and get important messages out, I have found blogging is ideal for doing this. Now I know not everyone will agree with what I write, and I would be delusional if I thought they would, however from an engagement point it just shows how far and wide a few hundred words can travel.  The posts are not only read via social media, as I have seen my posts appear in both national and local media.

Of course this blog has been the bane to some, but I have never tried to be mean, or personal. All I have tried to do is explain how I feel and get information out and break down the many myths of a local authority and the role of a Councillor. As for Cornwall Council, the authority has come a long way since I started blogging. It has been a bumpy road and I haven’t always agreed with the decision, but this is a democracy.  The Council has also much to its credit embraced social media and is seen as leading light compare to other local authorities.

So which posts out of the 1,039 which I have written, have been the most popular? One post,  ‘Unauthorised absence during the school term’ has had a staggering 7,031 (and still counting) views. It also has had over 2000 views on Facebook. All these views are organic. Though granted this subject is currently a hot topic both locally and nationally.  Here are the top six most views posts on my blog:

  1. Unauthorised absence during the school term – 7,031 views to date
  2. Duxford Airshow – Flying Legends and a mid-air collision  -3308 views
  3. Beware Cornwall is being targeted by a professionally run scam – 2214 views
  4. Davidstow Wind Farm – 2048 views
  5. Porthleven counts the cost of the storms – 1,878 views
  6. Porthleven B3304 Update – 1,268

Thanks for reading and putting up with my quirky grammar. Maybe I will make the half-million mark? Who knows eh?

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Let me apologise for being quiet on the blogging front. This is due to the forthcoming election on the 2nd May, and I am out and about knocking on doors, talking to residents and delivering my leaflets. I am sure people do not want to just hear about how many doors I knocked, or leaflets I have delivered today. So that is the reason my blog has been quiet.


I will say, the response I am getting on the doorstep is very positive. Only one person did not want a leaflet, but that was not because of me (phew), as they said they never vote. There is still lots to do until the Polling Stations are open in 10 days time. Though postal voters should have received their forms now.

Hopefully normal blogging will resume after the elections when with residents support I am re-elected.

Notice a Change to the Blog?

Those regular readers might notice something different. This is because I have moved to another blogging platform, and more importantly, set up my own domain name.

Most of the new site is up and running, but there are a few teething troubles (more down to the user). Hopefully in a week or so all those troubles should be sorted most probably by someone who understands coding!