When Should There Be a New Bank Holiday?

Yesterday’s meeting of Cornwall Council was a strange one. For me I came away with feeling unsettled. Hard to explain, but something did not feel right. For a start near 30 Councillors were missing for various reasons, and it gave the feeling of emptiness.

There was a debate on whether to write to the Government as part of its review on changing the May Bank Holiday. For some at Cornwall Council they want St Piran’s Day, the 5th of March to be a Bank Holiday. The problem I have with this is Cornwall Council is making this decision to request this change without any public consultation. In essence a few Councillors got together to summit a motion to council. This was knocked back to Scrutiny who were split on the idea before it was brought back to full council.

My understanding is the Government wants to replace this existing May Bank Holiday with one later on in the year. Sounds logical to me as presently we do seem to have a lot of holidays crammed into one period. The question is should Cornwall have a different bank Holiday to other parts of England? If so, how will that affect business and tourism? More importantly, the public of Cornwall should be consulted before this decision is made by Cornwall Council to lobby Central Government.

After near 90 minutes of debate the decision was deferred because the report on the whole matter was poor and lots of important information was missing, or excluded.

For the record, as an ex-naval man my personal choice for the new Bank Holiday would be on the 21st October. If the Royal Navy had lost that battle we would more than likely be singing La Marseillaise.

What’s yours?