Carlyon Bay Has a Future

At Yesterdays meeting of Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee there was one application that has been anticipated for the last 20 years. Carlyon Bay, St Austell has for a better word found itself abandoned. There is a beautiful beach, but most of the site looks like it has been subject to a war.

The history of this site goes back to 1920’s where it was the site of a very up market leisure and holiday complex, and then in its twilight years had it was known as the Coliseum; which was used for concerts and events until the 1990s. Since then it has slowly rotted away.

This application is quite extensive and includes 500 mixed use houses, leisure facilities, car parks shopping facilities and sea defences. For the full details click HERE. As with any application there was opposition and this was very well organised and very vocal.

From my experience in planning there are three categories, those people who don’t care, like an application, or hate it. The first two hardly ever make any representation. However, the opposition certainly does. This can lead to an in balance of the true public feeling.

The objectors did indeed make their case well, as did the local Cornwall Councillors, who by and large supported the application subject to a few easily rectified issues. It was then the role of the committee to pass judgement on this application.

Normally, not all of the Committee of 21 will agree unanimously, but today they did. There was not one Councillor who voted against or abstained. This is because despite what the objectors said the Committee saw this was the best option for this area, and one that will create jobs not just now, but for the future.

This type of development and investment of money (£250 Million) into an area where it is much needed should be encouraged; because if we just leave it to rack and ruin Cornwall in the end will suffer.


  • Anonymous

    Cornwall Council's approval of the Carlyon Bay development and your comments about the imbalance in objections to such schemes are, in my opinion, both symptomatic of the Council's attitude to those it is supposed to represent. The recent debacle over the plans for a ferry terminal in Penzance is another example of the Council's unwillingness to listen to, let alone engage with, those with passionately held, rational views about their environment. Yet another example is the council's partnership with the Duchy of Cornwall to build on green fields in Truro.
    It appears that Cornwall Council is more concerned with satisfying the demands of developers and builders of holiday homes for the rich than addressing the real needs of its constituents. For example, what does the Carlyon Bay development offer to local people – low paid, probably seasonal jobs. It certainly does not provide them with affordable homes.

  • Lance

    Again, I cannot understand how this scheme has been given the go-ahead as far as CC is concerned – it's the wrong development in the wrong place. Will this be a precedent for covering more of our coast in concrete.
    This saga has been a disgrace by the old Restormel Council and now Cornwall Council.

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad the application has finally been passed. Carlyon Bay as a whole can only benefit from the redevelopment on the beach area.

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