Carers Centres

Plans are afoot to have a Carer’s Centre in Cornwall to enable those who care for family members to have the extra help they need. This is not going to be a stand alone building, but a series of help numbers and drop in centres.

The concept of this is I believe a good one. Many  people out in the wider community do not know who they can turn to to seek help. Many people out there don’t even see themselves as Carers, but really they are because they are helping family members. There are 55,000 Carers in Cornwall and over 6 million in the UK.  So there is no denying there is a need for this type of service.

There will be some sort of HQ for this to work, but this has not been identified as yet. Its got funding for the next 3 years and options for a further 2 years. The funding for the first three years is £300K, £360k and £450k.  The functions that this service will carry out are

  • Information and Advice
  • Counselling
  • Emotional Support
  • Carers Support Groups
  • Welfare Rights Advice
  • Health and Wellbeing Courses
  • Easier Access to Services for Carers

The question is will it work? This was the question being asked at today’s Health and Adults Scrutiny Committee. Many on the Committee saw this as a great step forward in helping those carers.  Others thought there had not been enough consultation over the plan.  Those trying to set up this up said they had fully consulted, but to some (the Committee) this was not enough.

The recommendation from the Committee was that further Consultation would be carried  over the next 6 weeks before being brought back to the Committee for a recommendation to Cabinet.

 For those who want to read the whole report here is the link to the Agenda. It’s number 7 on the Agenda (Link)


  • Anonymous

    these services are being provided by other agencies already, some of which are being funded by CC already surely, i.e. Age Concern get paid a hefty sum per year as a grant – what do they provide for that? Transport and hot meals and day centre charges are paid seperately by Adult Social Services, so what are they receiving their monies for???? The council needs to engage with voluntary agencies already receiving grant funding and explore utilising their services more – a service mapping project should be started, this will clearly identify gaps in service provision which areas need funding. Dont try and re-write the book, a lot of this is already being done by the voluntary service agencies who are struggling financially.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    I agree, this service should complement the other worthy services, not take from them.

    I also agree with your points in a service mapping project. this would indeed identify gaps, and not just try and reinvent the wheel.

  • Hope Bradbury

    As a carer and parent of a disabled child, I am very supportive of the concept of this but as anonymous has already commented there are many of these services already in place so I at this stage would be wary of duplication of effort and maybe any funding would be better channelled into existing services availabale that many carers already access.

  • Anonymous

    Where is teh cost benefit analysis here – is there a report that shows what we are curently missing (the holes above), who the funds are targetted at, what they will get for them that they dont currently get and whether there is a better more efficient way of doing this.

    Hopefully this initative, which seems laudable at face value, has been thought through and there is some justification for thr money being spent.

    Perhaps you could provide a link to the report that identified the need and determined the size and scope of the resultant project?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    As requested, here is the link for the whole Agenda. The item in question is number 7

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