Cardgate – The End?

Today, Thursday was always going to be a very interesting day for Cornwall Council because it might be able to draw a line under the whole debit/credit card fiasco. I know a few staff who have literally gone without sleep trying to make sense of all the figures, invoices and currency conversions. They are to be thanked for doing this work.

No matter what spin the Council puts on it they must take some of the blame for originally releasing these details. The saving grace is the Council did try and clarify the wrong points, but for reasons not known to me these points never made it into the paper.

At the Corporate Resources Scrutiny Committee a lot was said on how misleading the story was in the Daily Telegraph (DT). Also raised was communication to Councillors and how many got ambushed on the morning the story broke. At least if the Councillors had some idea this was going to happen they then might have been able to deal with angry residents.

The result of this is there will be a review on the details sent and how it had so many errors. The Councillors present were told this review would be completed by the end of June. I welcome this and will look forward to the findings of that review.

Hopefully, a lot of lessons will be learnt from this fiasco and I really hope something like this does not happen again. Lets hope this is now put to bed and there will be no further skeletons jumping out of the wardrobe.


  • Anonymous

    So that's it then nearly £3,000 spent at a hotel in Newquay, money wasted on meals out and councillors think its all OK – pathetic and outrageous

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Please let me know what item (s)you are referring to and I will have it looked into.

    No Councillor thinks it ok to waste money.

  • Anonymous

    And where is the public apology to those present and ex-Council officers named in the Telegraph who have had their reputations dragged through the mud by association with these gross errors? Publication of their names was in itself a breach of the Employment Practices Data Protection Code.

    The Council may think it is all over, but anonymous blogs continue to publish and show up in Google searches for years to come, damaging reputations and causing distress to families.

    Even in the original 'redacted' version it was still possible to read the blacked-out names by the simple means of searching the document for all or part of the name. This was only withdrawn after being pointed out by one of those affected.

    A full unreserved public apology to named staff is not only deserved, it is essential. Along with the resignation of Cabinet Member responsible – Cllr jim Currie, uncharacteristically silent on this issue.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Last anon,

    This whole fiasco has been handled very badly. The names of people should never have been released. None of this would have happened if the data sent originally was correct.

    The Portfolio Holder for Corporate Resources was not even present when it was discussed at the OSC. The buck in my opinion (and many others) stops with him.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss further

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