Car Parks and Blue Badge Holders

The Parking Advisory Panel discusses many areas around car-parking and not just tariffs. It then makes recommendations to Cabinet for their final decision. One of these areas that the Panel has discussed is the charging for parking for a Blue Badge holder. Currently the Cornwall Council Policy is if the vehicle displays a tax disc marked NIL/Disabled; or the vehicle is an especially adapted vehicle; parking in a car-park (Off Street) is free.

The Panel is looking at this again due to the fact disabled people may take longer than able bodied people to carry out everyday tasks and therefore may need to pay more for parking. This means that blue badge holders may not be able to complete all their tasks in the parking time they have purchased, they may have to purchase more time and/or they may feel pressured to rush back to the car park – possibly exacerbating their condition. It could be seen as not being fair and discriminating against disabled people.

On the 16th June the Panel will be discussing this issue and will look into a few possible solutions. This could include one of the following options in the draft Order for 2012/13 which will be subject to consultation (through the statutory legal process) allowing blue badge holders an additional time for every time period purchased in Cornwall Council car parks using:

Option 1
Option A: Allow blue badge holders an additional hour on the time period purchased.
Option B: Allow blue badge holders an additional hour for each hour purchased.


Option 2
Allow vehicles exempt from charges because of the disabled tax disc or adapted vehicles longer than the maximum stay in short stay car parks. The length of time should reflect the option chosen above.

Let me know what you think


  • Helen Dolphin

    Having successfully changed Norwich city councils discriminatory parking policy I strongly advise you to go for the buy one hour get one hour free for ALL Blue Badge holders not just those people who are exampt from road tax. This gives disabled people enough time to stop for extra toilet/rest breaks, walk considerably slower, and unload and load mobility equipment. It also stops the local authority being persued under the Equality Act 2010 for discriminatory parking policy. I also recommend you design a system so people who can not physically use payment machines can still access your car parks.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    The proposals are for all Blue Badge Holders.

    "allow blue badge holders an additional hour etc"

    We currently offer payment via mobile phone. Also the Council is in the process of updating all its ticket machines (£500k)

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