Car Parking Charges in Helston and Porthleven

As many will know I spent a good amount of time travelling around Cornwall visiting Cornwall Councillors to discuss car parking charges in their areas. The last area I visited was Helston and the Lizard; which also covers my own division of Porthleven and Helston South.

Helston is a market town of around 11,000 people and three miles down the road is Porthleven which has a further 3500. Helston like many other market towns it is finding it hard to compete against the large out of town supermarkets. Many of the businesses of Helston offer to give your hour’s car parking charge back if shop in their shop.

Helston is also lucky in that it has around 60 free on street parking bays (30 mins) which allow you to pop in  quickly. This though does not keep people in the town for long. The current charges are 50p for the first hour, then £1.80 for two. This rise between the two tariffs stops many people staying longer.

One of the proposals to entice people to stay longer in the town is to introduce a 2 hour tariff. This would allow more time to browse/shop than having to rush around and try and fit everything into 30 minutes or an hour. I visited 12 businesses asking for their views and they all replied the two hour tariff was a good idea. Many said they would even give the pound back if you shopped in their store (subject to a min spend).

Out of the meeting with my fellow local Councillors the following tariffs are proposed for Helston and Porthleven.

  • Up to 2 hours car parking for £1
  • Castle Green (Helston) car park £1.50 all day
  • 10p off all other tariffs
  • Fair Ground car park to remain free.
  • Charging period 9am – 4pm 
Nothing is perfect, but these proposals are good for the Helston and surrounding areas. If Cabinet accept these tariffs, then they will come into force on the 15th March 2012


  • Gill Martin

    Excellent result. I cannot believe I actually approve of something, particularly car park charges.

  • Amanda

    This might work for some, like always it means some people will still have to pay more. I take my son for specialist appts at the health centre by the library, I don't want to pay £1 when before I only had to pay 50p for the hour I needed. You should have the option of 1 hour or 2. Helston isn't full of many things to see or do. I visited redruth this week, first time in years. The only reason for this was wilkinsons. Nice shop, a few bargains. Then we decided to browse the town, visited jims, handy shop, lots of little bits that are handy in the home, shoe zone, card factory, Iceland, all of this would be ideal in helston. I rarely visit town. To bring the business in and make car parking worth while then we need decent shops. Penzance car parking…£1.70 for 2 hours, cheaper than helston and loads more to offer…where are people likely to go?

  • Ruth

    I’m with Amanda on this one. The 50p for one hour allows us to pop into Helston for 1 or 2 errands that we know we have to do with, perhaps, a little time left for unplanned looking and possibly even spending. The hardware shop is always well worth a visit.

  • valerie gray


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