Car Parking Charges – Consultation

After a years work that looked into many, if not all aspects of car-parking, the Parking Advisory Panel will meet tomorrow to discuss, amend and change any points of the Consultation before they recommend it to Cabinet in January. Everything is still up for discussion and nothing has been set in stone by this Panel. There was always a danger that no matter what this Panel did, the Cabinet could change any, or all of the recommendations. I hope they don’t, as my Panel has spent many hours working on it to make sure it is right. That in itself has not been easy, as many people have their own opinions on how it should be done. Some have real merit, others are only fit for the back of a fag packet.

I am pleased to say that this subject has been the most publicly consulted area undertaken by this Council. I have made sure that there has been many chances for people to make comment officially, or unofficially during this process. The last consultation that finished a week ago had an excellent response. Listed next are the numbers and other details as to who did respond.

Total Public Responses: 1010
Town and Parish Responses: 40
Organisations: 17

Cornwall Councillors: 17
Members of Parliament 2 (Sheryl Murray and Andrew George)
Community Network: 1 (Penzance)

I believe this is a very good response from the public. It is a shame that only 2 out of a possible 6 of our MP’s did respond. As to why only 17 Cornwall Councillors responded that could be explained that I did consult them by means of a Members Consultation, so they may have felt that there was no need to do another. It is also a pity that out of 270 Town and Parish Councils only 40 responded, but again this could be explained as they had also been previously consulted by a personal consultation just like the Cornwall Councillors.

Overall it has been interesting to read all the responses and will look forward to the debate from my Panel and other Cornwall Councillors who attend the meeting tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous

    it would not be so bad if we could phase the charges in Callington to bring them in line with the rest of the county. Not just up them up to 50p for the first hour. We pay 20p now. How about going for 30p this year. And 20p in 2012.

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