Can you tell the difference?

Talk about dragging out the Election right to the bitter end. I am getting the feeling that people are getting a little jaded over if and when someone is going to drive up the Mall and ask to call an Election. People are saying lets get on with it. I am completely “Polled out”. So much I don’t even pay the slightest attention to them any more. When I hear another Poll, I just think of the Bradley Effect.

At present, from what I can see, it’s hard to tell the difference between the Parties apart from the different colours they use. The centre ground is so crowed that to a lot of people they seem to be all making the same points. They all claim to stand for the people and all blame the others for not doing the job or wont be able to do the job if they get elected. All sides are using this fear tactic, you know the “don’t vote for them as you know they are bad-not up to it-never done anything” line.  

All I see in the news is not about their Policies, but who is bankrolling what Party. We have Lords Ashcroft and Paul, The Union Unite (just one of many union-labour sponsorships) and of course Michael Brown. All sides have Non-Doms. Labour has always been funded by the Unions, so nothing new there. I would rather some Non-Dom-Union fund the Party than using my Tax to fund their Campaigns.  

If I asked 3 questions would those PPC’s be able to answer them without reverting back to the blame game, or just be able to answer them straight, and why they are standing for Election under that Party. I would like to think they could, but from what I have seen they probably can’t resist the urge to blame the other Parties. British Politics seem to be more about blaming another Party, than actual real positive Policies.

There are a lot of undecided votes out there. This Election will be decided on those swing votes that will only make up their minds when they are standing in the Poll Booths looking at the names and thinking “now who shall I pick?”

So here are my 3 questions for all those PPC’s and the loyal Party faithful.

  1. How would you improve the Economy, and how would you safeguard it in the future.
  2. Education. (no need to write it 3 times)
  3. Europe and safeguarding the ancient right of Habeas Corpus 

And a Bonus Question of What would your Party do for Cornwall.


  • Derek Thomas Conservative Prospective MP

    DEREK THOMAS Thanks Andrew in brief…
    1. Improve the economy: Making Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly a better place to do business by: Reducing regulation. Any new law must include cuts in old laws which, together, produce a net 5% reduction in regulatory burden. Removing the age gap on training funding so people of all ages can benefit from government-funded training schemes.
    A Conservative Government will act now on debt to get the economy moving. We will deal with the deficit more quickly than Labour so that mortgage rates stay lower for longer under the Conservatives.
    2. Education: More control to head teachers and less interference from government. Reduce Whitehall by a third. I will work with our colleges and employers to maximise the benefit for West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly of the Conservative pledge to increase apprenticeships by 100,000 per year in the UK.
    3. Europe etc: Habeas corpus ad subjiciendum is an ancient and fundamental principle of English constitutional law. Firstly, the Conservative Party are committed to the Union. Regarding our role within Europe we have made it quite clear that we support membership of the EU for the purposes of trading and cooperation. Also we must not forget that love it or loath it the EU has been a tool for peace following two terrible world wars. Our MEPs are encouraging a closer working with other UK MEPs so that we can negotiate with a united and clear voice. This is working in our negotiations regarding the Common Fisheries Policy for example.
    Bonus Question: The Conservatives have shown incredible commitment to Cornwall. We have selected local candidates. A host of Shadow cabinet Ministers have visited the area including Andrew Lansley (health), Liam Fox (defence), Theresa Villiers (Transport) and David Cameron on several occassions. Our vision for Cornwall includes health care as close to home as possible, superfast broadband, a Marine Energy Park (harnising wave and tidal energy), help for small business and the very helpful move to reverse the negative impact of Labour's stealth tax on holiday lets.

  • juderobinson

    Improving the Economy: Labour is already doing it.

    Cornwall now is leading the world in developing tidal wave power (off Hayle) and the engineering skills and machinery needed to support it (at PRIMaRE (Marine Research Institute off Tremough.

    And, as last year's Comprehensive Area Assessment found. "Over the last five years Cornwall's economy has become stronger, and
    Cornwall continues to receive considerable financial support from government
    and Europe." plus "Combined
    Universities in Cornwall ﴾CUC﴿, which has improved people's skills and their
    chances of getting good skilled and paid jobs locally."
    Both of these Labour initiatives.
    Education: keep driving up standards. I can bore you with statistics if you like but the number of children achieving 5 A – C GCSEs or Key Stage 4 at 11 has gone up and up.
    Labour will also introduce one-to-one tuition for children falling behind (Cornwall getting £2.41 million for this)
    Europe: need to review democratic accountability. Habeas Corpus: no-one would abolish that. Labour also publishing constitutional reform bill to improve democratic rights and will give people the chance to choose on proportional representation voting system.

  • juderobinson

    Bonus Question
    What would my party do for Cornwall?
    Labour – and our MP here 1997 – 2005, successfully changed the way statistics were measured in Europe, so that Cornwall qualified for Objective 1. Government has also made sure that funds are available to match EU investment when needed. We – and our MP was crucial to this – delivered university education at Tremough, massive expansion of Cornwall College, the Medical School at Treliske, dualling of the Goss Moor.
    Labour also delivered the NATIONAL minimum wage to drive up pay here.
    We will continue to invest in skills and training, new renewable industries and research, to build a stronger Cornish economy. We are reviewing funding formulas to ensure they are fair. We will continue to support families, schools and hospitals and refuse to accept failure or excuses in public services, as people in Cornwall deserve the best.
    Oh – and continue our support for the Cornish heritage and language, which has benefited from government money over the last 13 years and seen fantastic development.

  • Anonymous

    Education-Driving up standards,rubbish-as an employer I never cease to be amazed at the low quailty of graduates out there,grade inflation is rampant,no one in the real world ie those of us that actually employ people believe standards are on the up…
    To boast about the support Cornwall recieves shows things arent working,if they were we wouldnt need the support would we…

  • Anonymous

    Reviewing funding formulas-How much longer do you need?,we all know Rural areas are disadvantaged(that"ll teach us to not vote Labour eh..)
    Youve had long enough,youll be judged on what youve achieved(or not),

  • Anonymous

    One to one tuition for those falling behind,but the end of the gifted and talented scheme..great idea,drag everyone down to the lowest level,come on celebrate and encourage excellence…

  • Anonymous

    Oh where do I start….
    As a small (almost micro) business owner I am sick to death of collecting and paying a ridiculous amount of tax – VAT (although I know this was never intended for my pocket), corporation tax on any profits we make and then when I take some of it as salary I get stung again. It’s not that object to the tax itself it is the increasingly wasteful beaurocracy that it seems to pay for. Yes the current government has pump shedloads of additional money into the NHS, but a huge amount has been eaten up by yet more middle management and there is really (in comparison to the extra amount spent) very little to show for it.
    We need to be vastly reducing local government manpower possibly by as much as 20%, we need to get rid of agencies such as the DVLA – by getting rid of car tax and just put the money on fuel, no tax dodging – you need fuel to drive, fairer – the more miles you drive the more you pay, no need for a whole department to police it. Yes there will be jobs that are lost and that is unfortunate (as it was for the 300 vodafone people who recently lost their jobs in Bristol or the thousands who lost their jobs when Rover went) but I am afraid this is life – we can’t go on providing security to public sector workers via our taxes – this is not what they are for.
    Make more tax breaks for entrepreneurs and small business, they are next years large businesses and it is these that will be creating new jobs that bring money into the economy (the public sector does not do this) – a healthy economy is one that is driven (not ruled) by the private sector and supported by an efficient public sector not the other way around.
    Oh and get rid of labour – they have made a complete hash of their time in office Brown royally shafted us when chancellor and is doing much worse as PM. The government gets its legitimacy from the ballot box and they need to be held responsible for the state the country is in. Agreed the Tories do not look much better but if Labour is not judged and then thrown out because of a poor performance then the old adage that you get the government that your deserve is very true and I am afraid that our form of democracy is shown to well and truly broken.

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