Can Do is now Can’t Do

The ‘Can Do’ document sent by Cornwall Council to central government has been rejected by those in Westminster. Is rejected too strong? How about did not make the short-listing. The reasons for not making the grade is it was too ambitious for a new authority. In other words learn to walk before you can run.

I had a very interesting conversation with some of the document writers. Conversations like these are great; because it gives a better understanding of each others view points. In the document writers defence, the time-frame for the submission of this document was very tight. However, it does not get over the fact no one asked those elected for their views. It was a point accepted.

As they say ‘there is always next year’


  • Gill Martin

    Perhaps for the time being, Cornwall Council should concentrate and utilize their skills to sort out the waste disposal problem, the stadium, the housing crisis and child poverty etc. As opposed to focusing on wasting money on things like an olympic torch organizer, and initiating tourism destroying ideas like closing toilets, and additionally, like with the incinerator, not completing the relevant assessments first.

  • Gill Martin

    Having now downloaded and read the whole document, I think the paragraph- "Strong public accountability and dynamic democratic influence with greater transparency fo all" may just come back to haunt them at some future time.

    Regarding the Economy and Infrastructure, Light Rail and Trams, were they having a laugh! I am familiar with the Docklands light railway, what would Cornwall Council call theirs, Dreamlands!

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