Campaign to bring mainline gas to Porthleven

For some reason when gas was originally installed in Helston two centuries ago, Porthleven was missed. I have heard many tales as to why, but no doubt the true reason has been lost. However over 20 years ago there was a plan to bring mainline gas to Porthleven.  This did not happen, and therefore, Porthleven has been at a disadvantage since then.

Mainline gas is one of the cheaper forms of energy, but as Porthleven does not have access to this form of energy, therefore, residents have to rely on other forms of heating and energy products. In the 21st Century this is not good enough.

Huge credit should go to a local resident, Penny Davies who has started a petition to bring mainline gas to Porthleven. I am fully supportive of this, and have as the local member asked Cornwall Council for its support in bringing mainline gas to Porthleven. I have also asked Porthleven Town Council to place this subject on its monthly agenda so they can lend their support too.

I will also be writing to the gas company asking for the full costs for bring gas to Porthleven, but also more importantly, the cost to individual households who want to get connected.

The facts are 23%* of households in Porthleven are in fuel poverty, which is one of the largest in Cornwall. If we can bring mainline gas to Porthleven we might help address the fuel poverty in Porthleven. 19% of households are currently estimated as being in fuel poverty in Cornwall, compared to an England average of 16%**.

A household is said to be fuel poor if it needs to spend more than 10 per cent of its income on fuel to maintain an adequate standard of warmth. This is usually defined as 21 degrees for the main living room and 18 degrees for other occupied rooms.

To bring mainline gas to Porthleven will come down to the gas company funding the work needed to bring the infrastructure to Porthleven. I am told the nearest – will confirm –  infrastructure is just over a mile away from Porthleven. Furthermore, residents, including both private and social housing will need to sign up for connection. For this to happen the costs will need to be reasonable for people to sign up.

The link to the Petition can be found HERE. So please sign and share. Only one person per household to sign

Again, well done to Penny.

*‘old’ pre-census LSOAs. ** Cornwall Council 17th July 2012 Fuel Poverty briefing


  • Jo Stephens

    I suggested at the time that it should be a condition of the Shrubberies development that the developer should fund bringing gas to the village. Was that not feasible?

  • Andrew Wallis

    No Jo, due to the sheer costs of installing mainline gas. Plus in planning you could but a condition on to require a utility where there was none.

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