Calm before the Storm

Tomorrow, Monday is going to be a very tough day. Strategic Planning is meeting to decide the fate on Option A for the Isle of Scilly Link in Penzance. This application has caused Penzance to almost end in Civil War between those who support or are against this plan. Feelings are running very high and I can certainly see the potential for the “Fur to Fly” at tomorrows meeting.   

I have spent a great deal of time reading though the Application and ALL the correspondence that I have received. I can tell you there has been loads. For the last 3-4 weeks I have been getting at least 2-3 letters a day on this subject. That’s not even including the e-mails.

Tomorrow we will make the decision to either approve or refuse it. I believe no matter what decision we come too, it will be the wrong one for a certain side. For everyone to say you made the right decision, there will be someone saying you made the wrong one. A great position to be in..

I will cast my vote on the information and not for any other reason. I hope people will respect that after its all over. Roll on Tuesday.

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