Cabinet Recommends a Council Tax Increase

It should be no surprise, that Cornwall Council’s Cabinet agreed with its draft budget of raising Council Tax by 1.97% for 2013/14. The soon to be departing Chief Exec added to the point that if you do not increase the Council Tax, you will have to make serious cuts to front-line services. These recommendations, and any further amendments will be decided by the full council on the 12th February.

However, the bizarre scene at the Cabinet meeting was the Portfolio Holder for Finance refusing to support what is seen as ‘her’ budget. Rumours had said this Portfolio Holder was working on her own budget which would have seen a 0% rise. This failed to materialise today, and in a read between-the-lines statement from this Portfolio Holder they could not make the proposals work.

Credit should go for attempting to look into this, but in doing so I think a lot of damage has been done to the working relationship in the Cabinet. It was apparent that many of the other Portfolio Holder’s were not happy with a ‘raid’ on their portfolios to make a 0% rise work.

The budget proposals were finally approved by a majority of seven, with the Portfolio Holder’s for Finance and Economy both abstaining.


  • Anonymous

    Will it make any difference to you, will you bother to pay
    your council tax anyway.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Yes I do pay my Council Tax, have done without fail since
    2009. I once made a mistake. I owned up to it, even though I did not have to.

    I also am very aware of raising the Council Tax will put people in similar positions I faced. That is not an excuse, or justification for what I did.

    Though I do wonder why you comment anonymously and often rudely? Is it too much for you to comment without hiding behind the anonymous tag?

  • Gill Martin

    Anonymous I think that was an unkind and uncalled for
    remark, I believe it is very wrong to raise that question. Could
    you not perhaps just appreciate all the hard work that Councillor
    Andrew Wallis has done for the community.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not rude Andrew it’s life. As for you Gill, if you
    think Andrew works hard then you are as deluded as him.

  • Gill Martin

    Anonymous, Councillor Andrew Wallis does work hard, the
    benefits are clearly available to see within the local community.
    He presses for things that are needed for his area and achieves
    many successes, he additionally strives to achieve the best results
    at a county level.

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