Cabinet Makes the Call on Car Park Charging

At yesterdays Cabinet, the recommendations made by the Parking Advisory Panel were accepted with only a few tweaks. One of these tweaks was on Season Tickets. The Panel had originally said these yearly tickets would be worked out on the equivalent of 100 days car parking for the first year, rising to 150 days the second. When the Panel was asked to re-look into charging. It gave the option that if the budget was critical, then it could be charged at 150 for the first year. I am pleased to say the Cabinet decided to implement the 100 days option.

I made the point at this meeting that Cabinet needs to make a decision as to how charging is treated. The Panel has always seen car parking and charging for it as a service with a sensible revenue, and not simply, a cash cow. I got the response from the Leader and the CEO that the Panel would get that answer before the next Panel meeting. I followed this up today with a covering email to the Leader, CEO and the Portfolio Holder.

Also, the Cabinet said it would look at devolution of car parks to Town and Parish Councils. Again, I welcome this additional recommendation. But, before these Councils suddenly rush to ask for certain car parks there could be a sting in the tail. This sting could be that it is unlikely that these car parks will just be handed over and with it all the revenue . It is more likely that Cornwall Council would still like a share of the pie and ask for some of the profits to be handed back, or for the smaller car parks, additional services to be taken on by the Town and Parish Council. Any request will have to be backed up with a cast iron business plan.

In the meantime the Panel will get on with the busy work plan it has for the year.

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    While much has been written about the parking debacle in Cornwall, to my mind no-one has summed it up as well as the Skipper in the Packet newspaper today. Perhaps councillors would be well advised to read it to get an insight into how people feel about this seemingly never ending parade of price rises.

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