Cabinet Budget – Today

Again I would love to say that everything changed and all services would remain the same. Sadly not. In fact my fear that the first years cuts (as I posted yesterday) would be more than 10% were almost confirmed by the Deputy Leader, Jim Currie. Jim was standing in for the Leader as he was away dealing with the flooding crisis. I have a horrible feeling that the 12.7% is going to be the bench mark.

There was a spat over who said what and when at the Scrutiny Meeting over Camelford Leisure Centre. It turns out that this was not for full funding for a year, but only £50k This is roughly 45% of the budget it takes to run it. I am sure this issue is not going away and those local Members will be lobbying for this before the 30th November.

A really interesting part in the Agenda was on page 53 of the report. This little beauty was called ‘Cornwall Sports Village’. I asked the question of what this means and is this just another name for the Cornwall Stadium. The answer was yes, this could include the stadium (although also not ruled out). So under a different title that could have been easily missed by others was the possible inclusion of a stadium that was listed in new capital funding schemes. It makes you wonder why they did not just say stadium complex, but then again that would have included the word stadium.

I also found out what the Medical Innovation Centre was for. This was to encourage key and sought after professional medical personal into Cornwall. I was told that the reason as to why the Council is doing this is because of funding and assets from the former RDA. I still wonder why the Council has to get involved with this, and not leave it to the NCH. At the end of the day if the money does not comes from within Cornwall Councils budget then, who really cares if someone else pays for it.

The budget recommendations presented today were voted and passed by the Cabinet. It will be now presented to the full Council meeting on the 30th November for the final say. It is going to be lively meeting, with the different groups and people arguing for their parties and the areas they represent.

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