Cabinet and the Rest

Today at Cornwall Council’s Cabinet something happened that I have never witnessed before. Namely confidential papers, also known as ‘Pink Papers’ were restricted to only Cabinet Members. Generally, Councillors have access to them, but they are not for the public.

This decision was met by stunned silence by those present, but even though back-benchers raised their hands to speak, the Leader refused to allow any to speak.

The rationale given by the Leader as to why these papers were restricted to only Cabinet Members was because the details were so sensitive. No other explanation was given as to why, or a simple statement explaining what was happening

If the Leader had done that, then most Councillors would have understood the reason. The way it was handled was bad and came across as them and us, and you back-benchers can’t be trusted. It is this last point that has irked Councillors.

I hope never to see this restriction of information again, but I won’t hold my breath.

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  • Jonathan

    D'oh! The proper procedure is to have a closed-door Cabinet session for about 5 minutes to explain to Cabinet the Pink papers, then a closed-door Councillors-only session to explain the Part II sections, then bring the public in to explain why the Pink and Part II parts had to be held in closed doors and continues with the non-Pink non-Part II stuff.

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