Cabinet (aka good ideas club)

Well today was the first meeting of the Good Ideas Club since the New Year. My main concern of the meeting was the plan to refurbish 3 buildings to the tune of around £12m and the possibility of “desposing” a good number of buildings to pay for this. The figure that’s been banded around is 80 down to 30. These are the administrative buildings and not the One Stop Shops.

Its proposed that there will be 3 administrative centres; Camborne-Dolcoath Ave, Truro-County Hall and Bodmin. For instance, it’s a possibility that 600 staff could move to the Camborne office. That’s a lot of people to move (and to be honest I am not sure where they would all fit).

I have no objection to this happening as long as A) It’s cost effective, B) there are buildings that are doing  duplicate work in close proximity, C) the service to the Public in no way suffers and D) full consultation (that means asking more than 10 people) HAS taken place. If all these reasons have been met, then I could fully support it.

What concerns me is that I as a Member of the Council have not been told of those that could be earmarked for disposal. Maybe its still early stages and they have not been identified, but I have the feeling some have. Another Councillor (Andrew Long) did say that before anything is even hinted at being sold off, then we should be fully informed as to why. I could not agree more. To many times I have read what’s going on in the press.

If I was a property developer I would suddenly be very interested in the Property Dept of Cornwall Council as I think in the near future we are going  to have an Estate Agent Dept.

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