C4L visits the Guardian

The Citizenship for Life (C4L) programme was given a unique opportunity to visit the Guardian newspaper in London. This visit was to give the students an understanding into journalism and news from a national and international news organisation.20140127-090307.jpg

The students were made very welcome by some of the most senior people at the Guardian who kindly stayed with the students for their entire visit. The students got the chance to visit different parts of the Guardian and to learn  what goes into providing a printed paper, online articles and how the organisations looks at engaging with its readers and future readers.

Technology plays its part too, as we were shown a room where people are invited in and asked to play with some of the latest technology to see how they would use it, and how the Guardians apps and other web-based products could be used. This I have to say as a geek was a very cool room.

The real highlight of the day was when the students were given the opportunity to make a film and interview one the of the Guardian’s leading journalist – Patrick Butler (@partrickjbutler). Also on hand to give advice on filming and interview techniques were film makers and editors behind the recent ‘Canned Hunting’ story.

C4L 1

Group photo of the visit – picture curtesy of the Guardian

With so much to see and do, time quickly shot past and sadly the day came to an end. A huge thank-you must to go to all those at the Guardian who gave their time showing the students some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a 24 hour news organisation.  It was truly a great day, enjoyed by students and mentors alike (even though we had a 16 hour coach journey!).


Students receiving lessons in filming techniques

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