Bushes, Hedges and Who Should Cut Them.

As a Councillor you have to deal with all sorts of issues. Generally, I can solve most in a short space of time, but there are a few issues like buses and dog bins which take a while longer.

For the last few weeks I have been dealing with a lot of complaints about bushes, hedges and other vegetation growth along footpaths and highways. The increase of complaints happens around this time every year. This is because in the warmer weather vegetation has a habit of growing quite quickly.

Cornwall Council will only cut and maintain areas that it owns or has a statutory duty to keep clear. Other areas are the responsibility of the landowners. It could be a garden, or field that is adjacent to a path, but the responsibility to keep clear is still the landowners.

In a lot of cases it is not clear who actually owns the land, and can lead to misunderstandings as to who should cut it. A simple phone call to Cornwall Council can establish who is responsible.

The Council provides a number for complaints and concerns on overgrowth. That number is 0300 1234 222. All you need is the area of the concern which will be logged, a reference number given, and then the complaint will be investigated. If you do not want to make a call you can report it via Cornwall Councils website by clicking HERE

If it is Cornwall Councils responsibility the rectification work will be carried out. If it is not, a letter will be sent to the landowner requesting them to cut it back. If nothing is done, a further letter can be sent explaining that if the work is not carried out, the Council has the powers to carryout the work, and then bill the landowner the full costs for this work.

So far all complaints which I have received have been reported and will be investigated in the next week or so. If you suddenly see the overgrowth cut back, then you know it is the Councils responsibility. If not, I am afraid the Council is having to go down the letter writing route.

Please feel free to report any concerns you have to me (only those in my divisional area), phone 0300 1234 222 or online HERE to report it yourself.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks mate, just put in a report about driving down Church Street and the lack of visibility on the bend due to the hedge

  • Anonymous

    I see that the Church Street vegetation has been cut down allowing for more viz for car owners. Many thanks for suggesting contacting Cornwall Council. It obviously works! Thanks again!!

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