Bulwark Road Gets £30,000

Two years of hard work by the Residents and Friends of Bulwark has finally paid off with the award (subject to a contract) of £30,000 to rebuild the children’s play park. This will be added to the £7,000 already raised by the group. At times I thought we would never get this money, especially after so many grant applications were rejected.

The current state of the play park

The £30,000 has been awarded by the  SITA Trust. When I received the call just over two weeks ago I could not believe it. In fact if I had been told in person I would have given a massive embrace to say thank you. And it is one very big thank you. Even though other organisations like the Downsland Trust and Helston TC have been generous with funding,  it is without doubt, the project would not have any chance of being built without the money from SITA Trust.

I told the Residents and Friends of Bulwark Committee on Monday night at their monthly meeting. At first, I am not sure they believed me, but once they realised I was indeed saying we got £30k they were smiling like a Cheshire cats.

I am really proud of them because the group has come a long way in two years. It has not been easy, but it just goes to show when people and different agencies get together, a change for the better can really happen.

Well done Bulwark (and Friends).


  • Rachael

    Great news about money for Bulwark. What about a park up on the Trenethick Fields estate ie Parc Holland, Forth Gwedhen and Wheal Oak way. Not even a swing up here….plenty of space which is currently occupied by lots of dog mess. Is it because we are further away from town etc that we aren’t thought about up here? I would be interested to know if there are ever going to be any plans for play facilities for our children up here or how i go about finding out.

    Thank-you very much

  • Andrew Wallis

    Dear Rachael,

    Thank you for your post. I am afraid my Electoral Division only covers Porthleven and Helston South. These parks would be covered by either Cllr Judith Haycock or Cllr Alec Robertson. Their contact details are available on Cornwall Council’s website.

    My advice would be to get together with some friends and contact those Councillors I mentioned. With public support like I had from the residents of Bulwark you might be able to get a park.

    Good luck

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