Bulwark Residents Sponsored Walk

I have blogged about the work (previous Blog) I am doing with the Bulwark Residence Group on trying to raise money to rebuild their neglected park (reality its not there anymore).  We need about £80k-£100k to do this area justice. That is not a small amount, but I feel its achievable, even in these tough times.

This Group knows is not just going to be handed the money on the plate. It’s got to do some of the work to raise this money themselves. So today was the first fund raiser. It was organised by the Group to walk around the Penrose Estate and Loe Bar Beach, where on reaching this beach, we would have a small picnic. 

The plan was to meet at the fairground car-park around 9:30 am and set off around 10 am. I was not sure how many would turn up because its still the school holidays, and its also a bank holiday. It was great to see around 24 adults and children turn up. The children were aged between 2 and 14 years. 

It’s a great walk to do, and those who turned up really enjoyed it. We were even met on our return by one of the organisers mother, who had baked cakes for us to eat on our return. It’s great to see this community spirit working so well in trying to achieve something that will be so beneficial to many.

Even better, it looks like over £100 was raised in sponsorship for just this one event. Next Saturday, the Group are entering a float for the Helston Harvest Fair. I have been ‘volunteered’ to be Neptune as they are doing an under the sea theme. To be honest, I can’t wait.

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