Bulwark Residents Association and the Helston Carnival

Helston Carnival took place on Saturday and one of the two residents groups I work with again entered a float. I have a real soft spot for Bulwark Residents and Friends Association because since its formation near two years ago on they have done wonders to improve their area.

The Float – Spirit of Cornwall

Last year Bulwark entered with an under the sea theme and won the best small float. Which was a fantastic result. This year the association came up with the idea of Spirit of Cornwall; basically legends, myths and current traditions. I was told by the group I was going to be ‘The Beast of Bodmin Moor’.

The truck and trailer for the float was kindly supplied by National Trust at Penrose Estate. Without their kindness in allowing the use, and supplying a driver (Alistair)  there would be no float. They deserve a huge thank you.

As for the float many of the children were dressed as miners, or flowers. We also had Cornish Wrestlers, Mermaid, Pirates, Flora Dancers and other weird and wonderful costumes.

At judging the group hoped to do well. When the results came the group were shocked twice. Not only did the group again win the best small float, it also won the best float overall! To win the best small float was great, but to win the best of the carnival was just fantastic.

As special thanks should go to Julia who did most of the organising for the float and the other parents of the children who all chipped into make this such a success.

The Carnival would not even take place if it was not for the organisers. A huge thank you for their time and effort in making this event a success.

The Organiser of the Float
The ‘Adults’
Float Truck – Thanks to the National Trust
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