Bulwark Rd

Bulwark/Albion Rd could be getting a new park. For the last few months I have been helping the residents of the area to set up a Residents Committee. This has now been completed and now has a Constitution that will enable it to apply for funding. As word gets around more and more people are coming to the meeting offering help to get this park built.

Its not going to be an easy task, mostly due to trying to raise around £80,000 to build it. It’s not impossible, but will take a lot of grant application writing to achieve it. The residents who have agreed to help are also coming up with ways to help with the funding. It’s great to see people working together to achieve something that will be of benefit to all of the surrounding community.
Below is  the basic outline of the plan for the park

If anyone fancies helping out, then look at this Facebook Link and join.

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  • Amanda

    I'm more than happy to help. It's good to see people coming together from the community to help provide somewhere safe for our children from toddlers to teens to play.

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