Bulwark Digs for their Estate

Even though Cornwall Council ignores the Bulwark Park, the Bulwark Association still continues to try and improve the area. Whilst the play park empty concrete space is still without love, the association decided to try and improve the border of the park.

The association wanted to make a small flower garden and sent letters to various garden centres hoping they might have a few old plants they could spare. They received a reply from Trevena Cross Nurseries who kindly provided a dozen plants. The association were really amazed with the generousity of Trevena Cross.

It was now time to gather the troops and get digging. Again, it is always amazing to see the support the association gets within the community. Not only did loads of children turn up to help, but so did the National Trust of Penrose and C4NC. The National Trust supplied all the tools.

In a little over an hour two flower/plant beds were dug and the plants were placed in their new homes. It was also funny when we were digging the flower beds and a worm appeared all the little boys wanted one. You could not help but raise a smile when every boy had their own worm and said to each other ‘my worm is bigger than yours’. I guess this is where it all starts on size.

The West Briton reporter Noel Perry turned up to take a few pictures and gather the views from the association when one of the committee members, Mel asked Noel if the West Briton would help with funding for the park. Noel said in reply, I dont know, but I will ask.

Noel did indeed ask his bosses and they said yes to the tune of £100. It is great the West Briton has donated this money because all money no matter on the size helps. Now, will that other fine local paper, The Packet, be as kind and match (if not more) the amount from the West Briton.
Let’s hope so. I hope Dave, Emma and Johnny are reading!

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